250cc Honda Rebel Replica, actually named Honda CMX250 is a great motorcycle. Now, you are looking for a cheaper method than the real deal, so you want a replica. Why shouldn't you? They are cheaper, but look exactly the same. As all replicas, this machine is built in China. China actually holds licensing agreements with Honda, Yama and Suzuki. So no, these replicas aren't just copies, they are licensed copies.

The thing is, China has over 47% of the world population and they manufacture around 50% of all the two wheelers sold in the world.

The only problem is that you have to find the real licensed manufacturer, not the dealers who don't have a license. 

First we need to dive in another question, why would you even want a Honda Rebel 250cc?

Why the 250cc Honda Rebel Replica?

First of all, why would you even want the replica of the Honda CMX250? A couple of reasons.

  • It exactly is the same bike, only cheaper. When 50% of the two wheelers sold in the world are coming from China, you need to admit something: the Chinese know how to build bikes. Why would those bikes be less? I'm sure you are currently finding this site on a computer built in China.. You checked? Well? Yes it is.
  • The warranty is better than with the normal Honda parts. Where you get a warranty of 12,000 miles from Honda, the manufacturer 'Tank' warrants their replicas for 36,000 miles. This extra warranty is because the Chinese manufacturers are simply looking for more clients and this is a way to attracts them.
  • They are fairly inexpensive! If you are choosing a replica over the real thing, you are probably looking for a cheap deal. That is exactly the beautiful thing about this bike, it is cheap!

Now, you are probably looking on the internet to buy a 250cc Honda Rebel Replica, the thing with buying and selling on the internet is that you should find the right price.

250cc Honda Rebel ReplicaCredit: http://cdn-3.psndealer.com/e2/dealersite/images/usahonda/2009%20Rebel%20CMX250C190.jpg

How Much Should you Pay for a 250cc Honda Rebel Replica?

If you want a replica of this motorcycle, there are clearly ways to get one. You can even go to craigslist to get one. The only question will be: how much should you pay for such a thing?

There are several replicas of the Hond online now for sale. The prices ranges around $1400,-. These prices are simply too much. The exact price depends of course on the conditions of the replica. But if a second-hand Honda Rebel 250 (in a like-new state) will go for under $1000,- you shouldn't invest in a replica bike over the normal price.

A couple of tricks you could use:

If the price of the replica is around the same: ask why

Is this replica around as good as the normal bike? Does it have new parts or something?

If the price is lower: ask why

Why a lower price? Just because it is a replica?

If the price is way lower: turn around.

You are probably dealing with a scammer and when you are, you want to run away as fast as you can. You don't want to pay money for something not worth the price of course.

Those three tricks should work. The key is actually in daring to asking the manufacturer. The price will always come from somewhere, so why wouldn't you ask! Good luck in getting a 250cc Honda Rebel Replica!