Bali 250cc Roketa Scooter

A 250cc Roketa Scooter shows the world that you mean business! Since 2004, the Roketa Scooter company has increasingly commanded respect and admiration for its improved quality, design and performance. This company is one of the best of the "Chinese scooter" outfits and has branched out to manufacture some real muscle machines. The 250cc Roketa Scooter is a serious ride that delivers breathtaking speeds at a price that will not take your breath away!

More limited in choices, the lineup of 250cc Roketa Scooters boasts some great features and technological advances that keep this company at the front of the low cost companies. Much cheaper than a Vespa or Honda, these big machines deliver real performance and still get decent gas mileage, too.

There are three great models of 250cc bikes that Roketa offers: the Bali MC-13, the MC-68A, and the MC-54. Heavy duty and dual passenger friendly, these rides are great for long commutes or inner city riding. Responsive and stylish, the appeal of these scooters are obvious, but the speed and weight mean that the rider should be experienced or willing to get some practice operating a scooter safely before tackling one of these bikes.

The Bali MC-13 250cc Roketa Scooter

The Bali is a great model for those wishing to take some serious road trips. It lacks some of the advanced whistles and bells of some of the other 250cc models, but offers plenty of comfort. The water cooled engine delivers over 16 horsepower and the Bali can reach speeds up to 70 mph! It has a better suspension than the 150cc line of Roketa Scooters and also has a radio. The tank hold over 2 gallons of fuel and at 60 miles per gallon, this means long trips are easy without worrying about refueling.

The MC-68A 250cc Roketa Scooter

The MC-68A is similar in many regards to the Bali. The 16 horsepower motor approaches the same speeds and gas mileage figures of the Bali. The main difference is improved styling and some additional features. The MC-69A has a mp3 media player instead of a radio, a shorter profile windshield and a uniquely slotted vent system on the front cowl. These design features give the MC-68A a sleek, fast look and will appeal to many riders. This hot new look of the MC-68A means that it is sure to be a continued best seller and the upgraded motor will entice some riders who own the 150cc scooter to spring for an upgrade.

The MC-54 250cc Roketa Scooter

The MC-54 model is the closest thing made to a highway touring bike that Roketa has. The large capacity tank holds nearly 3.5 gallons. This give is a cruising range of over 200 miles. The engine delivers a solid 16.6 horsepower and it can reach speeds of nearly 70 mph. 13" wheels and an mp3 player also help add to the enjoyment of open road driving. It is no wonder that the MC-54 ranks as one of the best selling Roketa scooters.

Much cheaper than a Vespa or Honda, the lineup of 250cc Roketa Scooters are gaining favor with those that are seeking power and performance. The low price makes this a fun bike for occasional use without breaking the budget. It is not unusual for families to have a 50cc Roketa, 150cc model and a 250cc Roketa scooter all parked in the same garage. The price and styling ensure that there is a model for everyone.