It really shouldn't be an impossible task to find the right Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for. It seems that all of us have at least one family member whose name we don't want drawn out of the hat for the present exchange. In fact, some families, like mine, have multiple people that fit into that mold. Oh the holidays! While it's sometimes quite frustrating to get Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for, it doesn't need to be impossible. There's no need to stress yourself over the holiday, there's going to be plenty of that without stressing over getting the best Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for. Let's take a look at some of the ideas you could use during the holiday season, or any other time for that matter.

1. Gift cards: Everyone likes these things. They can be used for whatever the receiver chooses, making it one of the best ideas for Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for family member in your life. While lacking a little in creativity, it doesn't lack in practicality.

2. Cash: We all like money, don't we? Yes, cash is an acceptable idea for a holiday present. Some say it lacks imagination, but I say it's one of the best ideas. Everyone really does like money.

3. Gag gifts: These can be the best Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for, especially if you can use them to reference a funny incident or memory. You're sure to get some laughs, making it one of the better Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for on your list.

4. Movies: These make great presents. Try to choose one that was just released, so you are less likely to pick out something they already have at home.

5. Digital photo frames. These are favorites among those with kids, making them popular Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for folks that you drew.

6. Special event tickets: Football games concerts, magic shows, or just about anything else you can think of will work. These are great present ideas for the holidays.

7. A night out: Choose from movie passes, free babysitting and meals. If you really want to wow them, give out a combination of the three and they are sure to love it.

8. Hotel stay: A night away is just what the doctor ordered for most after the holiday season. Couldn't you use a short break after it all is over? I know I feel that way every single year.

9. Something homemade: There are tons of possibilities with this one, you could use jellies, hot chocolate, ornaments, just about any idea you can come up with.

10. Donations: Some people just seem to have everything, don't they? A donation made in the receiver's name may be one of the better Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for on your list.

11. Magazine subscriptions: I've been on the receiving end of this one, and it's one of my favorite presents to get. I love getting part of my present in the summer each year!

12. Star registry: Have star registered their name, it's certainly one of the more unusual Christmas gifts for hard to buy for, so it's sure to be a hit with your loved one.

13. Moon land: You can buy an acre on the moon these days! I'm not sure how legitimate or even practical it really is, but it sure is different. I bet it won't be a duplicate.

14. Homemade certificates: How about a card for a free oil change or massage? There are tons of things you do, making it one of the more versatile ideas for gifts for the hard to buy for people.

15. Food: Just about anything will work here. You could select a meat and cheese assortment or some nice fruits, just to name a few. Everyone eats, so you know it'll get used.

16. Flashlights: It seems that there's never one available when the power goes out, doesn't it? You can help solve the dilemma for them this year.

17. Massagers: Everyone likes to relax. You can find massagers in hand held form, seat covers, and many other ways. Relaxation presents would make great Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for in your life.

18. Prepaid gas cards: We all could use some free gas, especially with the prices so high. Those that travel for the holiday, which seems to be most of us, will love them.

19. Adult items: This one really only works if it's for a partner in most cases. Be tactful.

20. Electronics: It may be best to stick with the latest and greatest with this one, so you don't get them something they just won't use.

21. Plants: You could use flowers or potted plants. The gardener in the family would likely love an exotic type plant. They are available online and locally, in most areas.

22. Kitchen stuff: You could select a small appliance or utensils. It's one of the more practical gifts for the hard to buy for people of the world, so you know it will likely get used.

23. Survival kits: These can be placed in the car and may come in handy in the event of an emergency. Safety ideas make for great holiday presents.

24. Holiday stuff: Decorations, snow globes, stuffed animals would all make nice Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for on your list. Capitalize on the spirit of the season this year.

25. On the go coffee cups: We're all in such a hurry these days, aren't we. Those nice steel travel mugs may be just the thing for someone you love with a hectic schedule.

There are tons of other great Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for folks in your life. Do some thinking about the person, I'm sure you can come up with something. Whatever you choose, know that you've put the time and thought needed into it. Getting Christmas gifts for the hard to buy for shouldn't ruin your holidays.