Are you finding it hard to get the traffic that you would like to see to your infobarrel articles? Have you done any promotion or linkbuilding?

First of, let me explain what incoming links will do for your infobarrels. An incoming link makes it easier for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to notice your newly published article. Now, Infobarrel does a pretty good job at getting attention to what you write solely based on the way that the site is set up and the fact that it has some search engine authority that it passes on to us writers. But if you really want to help the search engines in finding your content then you need to be getting at least a couple of backlinks pointing their way.

There are many ways to achieve this, one very powerful technique is RSS which I will write about in an upcoming article, but there are so many other ways. Commenting on blogs, posting in forums, writing more articles that you publish at other sites and then there's social bookmarking.

Now there is an almost completely automated way to get 25 free backlinks to the article of your choice per day. Social Monkee is a new service that allows you to post your article to 25 different social bookmarking sites from only one submission. These are all links from sites on different class C IPs meaning that they carry more strength in the eyes of the search engines.

As we say here in Sweden, "not everything is gold and green forests", meaning that it's not only good. You shouldn't rely only on these links but use the service together with some of the other methods I mentioned earlier and the coming up RSS article and I'm sure that you will see more traffic.

I use this service when I create a new article and so far it has shown pretty decent results. I have backlinks showing up within days and I expect them to help me bring more readers to my content. Of course someone wouldn't set up this kind of system just for the fun of it. The owner has put a premium membership where you pay a one time fee and get to post to 100 sites 3 times per day. I don't use the premium service but there is also the possibilty to be upgraded if you refer 12 new members.