Unmmoderated usability testing is now easier and quicker than ever before giving you no excuses not to usability tes your site.


Unmmoderated remote usability testing (or benchmark usability testing) is exactly like traditional usability testing with the difference being that participants don't come to a lab—instead, the participant carries out the test remotely on their computer from his or her home or office.

Participants carry out tasks with the web site, prototype or design, and typically their actions and audio is recorded. Also, the participant does not interact with a moderator. Instead they work with an automated system. Unmmoderated remote usability testing is an inexpensive alternative to often very costly conventional usability test.

25 Great Ummoderated Remote Usability Testing Tools(103252)

Several of the applications below, like Userlytics, even offer limited free testing. It’s a great way to test out remote usability testing and see if it’s right for you.

Cheap, Moderately Priced and Free Usability Testing Tools

Easy Usability

Easy Usability Recruits users from a panel. Delivers results in the form a detailed report of the users’ responses in 24 hours. Can only ask users 5 questions about the site they are testing.
COST: $15 per tester.

Feedback Army

Feedback Army Recruits 10 users from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for each project. Delivers the user’s response as they become available. Project can only be live for 8 days.
Cost: $15 per project (10 users)


IntuitionHQ records the first click of each attempted task. Delivers results as a heat map. Recruiting is DIY.
Cost: $9 for unlimited responses


Kupima limits you to just 12 tasks, but offers templates that you can use. You are able to do the recruiting yourself or use their panel. Kupima delivers real-time results as a video and/or a report. Pricing options are available on the website.
Cost: $12-32 for 1st user


Loop11 offers unlimited task and questions for each remote test. Delivers real-time results as they become available. Does no require a client-side download and supports 40 languages. Recruiting can be do it yourself, live intercept using Ethnio or panel from the third-party company of your choosing.
Cost: $350 per project


NavFlow allows you to upload a series of images to represent your interface and analyze how users navigate them. Results show the path analysis in both graphs and heat maps. Recruiting is all on your own.
Cost: Free


Nurago each respondent downloads a browser add-on to record their data. Users are recruited from a panel.
Cost: by Quote

Open Hallway

Open Hallway records both the user’s audio and video. Allows for unlimited respondents within your recording storage limitations. Delivers results in the form of recorded tests to download and view. No client-side download is required. You’re own your own to recruit participants.
Cost: Plans for $19-$199 per month

Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop has a group of 3 online remote usability applications, two of which employ task elicitation to collect feedback from users. Treejack allows you to test your information architecture by seeing where people click first for any task within your navigation structure and finding where people get lost in your content. Chalkmark allows you to test your designs, screens and prototypes by seeing where people click first for a task on a single page. Results are in the form of a heat map and charts. The site supports 21 languages.
Cost: $109 per month or $559 per year for each tool


PlainFrame comes from the makers of WebSort, UX Punk. It offers the ability to test your website navigation and application menus. It delivers results by recording all mouse movements for playback. Also provides click paths. They don’t do recruiting.
Cost: Free (beta)


Revelation gives you the ability to create online immersive research projects including diaries, photo exercises, stimuli response, etc. The website supports 12 languages.
Cost: by Quote

Try My UI

Try My UI records the participant’s screen and audio. They recruit from a panel and deliver results in the form of voice videos and written answers of the participant’s responses. You are limited to only asking 4 questions to each participant about the website they are testing.
Cost: $25 per test (discounts for bulk purchases)


Usabilla offers unlimited taks and questions for each remote test and delivers real time results in the form scatterplots, charts and heat maps. No client-side download required for participants. Recruiting is all do it yourself. Usabilla has 30-day free trial.
Cost: Monthly plans ranging from $19 to $199. Even an Enterprise option for 500,000+ page views.

Usable Feedback

Usable Feedback offers expert usability reviews rather than a test. They deliver results as a video of the evaluation which includes suggestions for changes.
Cost: Monthly plans ranging from $19 to $199. Even an Enterprise option for 500,000+ page views.

User Feel

User Feel recruits users from a multilingual panel and records the participants screen and audio. Results are given as a video of the users’ reactions to the site within 24 hours and often with 6 hours.
Cost: $39 per tester

25 Great Ummoderated Remote Usability Testing Tools


Userlytics records the respondent’s screen, audio and face (if you use their panel). Videos of the session are available between 1-2 days after the test. Written answers of the participant’s responses and annotated screenshots are also delivered. You can only ask participants 5 questions about the site they are testing. Userlytics can recruits users from a panel or test with your designated group.
Cost: From free (7 tests per month) to $99/month


UserTesting.com recruits from their own panel of users, but you can also provide your own list. During the tests the participants audio and screen activity are recorded. Delivers results as a video usually within a couple of hours. You can only ask 4 questions of each participant for each test, but you can ask them follow-up questions after the test is over.
Cost: $39 per participant (bulk discounts)

What Users Do

What Users Do does usability testing by recording the audio and screen of their participants. They recruit from their own panel of users in the UK. Results are returned as a video to download and view.
Cost: Around $45 per participant (bulk discounts)

More Expensive Enterprise Usability Testing Tools

For those with a significant budget needing to do more comprehensive remote usability testing using feature rich services, here are a couple of options:

Keynote (WebEffective)

Keynote offers advanced features and reporting for running tests and surveys. A client-side download is needed. Recruiting can be DIY, live intercept or panel. Results are available as qualitative open feedback, quantitative metrics and clickstream analysis. You can segment and filter panel responses or demographics. Supports 17 different languages.
Cost: Approx $10,000 per survey


Imperium offers sophisticated features including skip patterns and branching for usability testing, concept testing, card sorting, copy testing and prototype testing. No client-side download required. Recruiting can be DIY, live intercept or panel.
Cost: Approx $10,000 per survey

Usability Testing Environment (UTE)

Usability Testing Environment is a software suit for creating, running, and reporting usability tests both moderated and unmoderated. It delivers results as a report on the testing metrics. You have to do your own recruiting.
Cost: Approx $10,000 per survey

User Focus

User Focus recruits users from a panel and delivers results as a detailed report with 48 hours. They do not require a client side download.
Cost: Around $2500

User Zoom

User Zoom offers advanced features and reporting fro testing, surveys, and card sorts. A client-side download may be required depending on the data you want to collect. Recruiting can either be on your own, intercepting users on your site, and via panel from User Zoom. Results are returned real time as clickstream charts, heat maps, text clouds, detailed reports, etc. with advanced data filtering. They support 14 languages.
Cost: Around $9000/yr or $3000 for a single study


uTest assigns a usability expert to your project to help you create your study, analyze the results, and provide a report. They do recruiting with their own panel.
Cost: Request a quote


Webnographer allows you to run user experience studies, compare your site to your competitors, benchmark your design quality, carry out A/B tests, as well as functional and regression tests. They deliver results as a comprehensive report on qualitative and quantitative feedback. A client-side download is required and recruiting can be done either via intercept or you can use your own user database, use a recruitment agency, or ask them to help you with the recruitment.
Cost: around $2600 for 50 testers