Many entrepreneurs rush into the lawn care business without giving enough thought to what they are going to call their new venture. The name that you choose will form a major part of the brand that you are going to develop over time. You want a name that gets attention, makes a good first impression and can stand the test of time. You don’t want to have to make a name change further down the line so be sure to get it right the first time around.

Here is my big list of tips and ideas for choosing lawn care business names.

1) Use your name to send a message about what you do and how well you do it.

2) Your name should be relevant and obvious. If you are a lawn care then you should by all means include the words 'lawn care' or 'lawn mowing'.

3) Choose a name that will appeal to people in your market.

4) Choose something that is catchy, cool or funny and you will stand out.

5) Go for something professional or conservative sounding if that is the image that you want to convey.

6) Make sure that your selection is memorable.

7) Choose a name that instills confidence.

8) Your business name must be unique. It must be original and set you apart from other lawn care businesses in your area.

9) You must have the legal right to use the name that you have selected.

10)  Customers must be able to pronounce it easily.

11) Go for spelling that people would expect rather than playing around with it.

12) Short names are better than long ones. Try to keep it down to two or three words if possible.

13) Your name should serve you for many decades. Go for something timeless rather than something that will sound out of date a few years later.

14) Listen to your gut instinct

15) Go with a name that you will love. You have to live with it every day and don’t want to get sick of it.

16) For a personal touch consider including your first or family names in your lawn company name.

17) Consider including the name of the area that you serve so that people in that area can relate to it.

18) Look at websites and databases from around the world and get inspiration from the names that other businesses have chosen.

19) Avoid clichés

20) For improved listings in business directories consider a name starting with the letter ‘A’. This is not so important these days as online search engines don’t list businesses alphabetically.

21) Seek advice from friends, neighbors and business experts if possible.

22) Think about what kind of lawn care logo you will have and how the name will form a part of that.

23) Check for suitable domain names. Make sure that you can get your name in the .com and register it as soon as you finalize your choice.

24) Consider acronyms and alliteration (I had to look these up in the dictionary too).

25) Think of your business slogan at the same time. A name and a slogan go hand in hand after all.