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25 Interesting Facts About Popular Horror Movies

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You have to admit that these films made you sleep with the lights on, but do you know some of the facts behind these thrilling scares? Sometimes the facts behind the scenes are dramatic and scary, other times they are just plain hilarious.

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  • You have to admit that these films made you sleep with the lights on, but do you know some of the facts behind these thrilling scares? Sometimes the facts behind the scenes are dramatic and scary, other times they are just plain hilarious.
  • Ironically enough, the title for the movie 'Scream' was originally set to be called 'Scary Movie'. If you don't get the irony, Scary Movie is the title of a parody film that mocks horror movies, primarily Scream.
  • The face mask for Michael Meyers in Halloween is actually a mask of young William Shatner from his time as Captain Kirk in Star Trek. The crew for Halloween went out and found the cheapest Halloween mask they could and painted it white. Apparently, Captain Kirk wasn't in style that year.
  • Tom Cruise was initially offered the role for Edward Scissorhands but declined because he wanted a happier ending for the film. Sigh, actors can be such divas.
  • In this subsequent case, an actress puts on her diva pants. Audrey Hepburn was offered the role as the mother in The Exorcist, However, she would only take the role if the movie took place in Rome. Obviously, they did not concede to her strange demands.
  • The killers robe in the movie Scream was originally white, but was changed to black because they worried it would be too similar to the iconic white robe of the KKK.
  • Everybody remembers the horror movie 'It' which originated as a book by Stephen King. However, most people do not realize that Pennywise the clown was played by legendary actor Tim Curry. Even more surprisingly, the hair of Pennywise the Clown is Tim Curry's actual hair!
  • Aforementioned Pennywise was actually based on serial killer John Wayne Gacy who frequently dressed as a clown to entertain children.
  • In Final Destination 3 the rollercoaster used for the premonition scene was the Corkscrew at Playland in Vancouver, Canada. The actors involved in the scene had to ride it 26 times before the scene was complete. I'm sure none are fans of rollercoaster's anymore.
  • While on the topic of Final Destination, the plot for the first movie was actually a rejected plot for the X-Files.
  • In Nightmare on Elm Street, not once is the phrase 'elm street' ever said. It could have taken place on Sesame Street for all we know!
  • The moth cocoons pulled from the victims throats were made out a probably amazing tasting concoction of gummy bears and tootsie rolls.
  • The first Saw movie was filmed in an impressive 18 days on a small budget, like many of the now classic horror movies.
  • On that note, The Blair Witch Project only took 8 days to shoot, but 8 months to edit.
  • The fake blood used in Night of the Living Dead was Bosco's chocolate syrup. In black and white movies where color doesn't matter, blood can be delicious!
  • George Romero who earned his fame with Night of the Living Dead used to work on Mr. Rodgers. That show certainly would have increased its awesomeness with a few zombies, eh?
  • It's a well known fact that the vomit in The Exorcist was made from split pea soup. Though it is often mistaken for Campbell's soup. It is in fact Anderson's split pea soup. The producers were not pleased with the way the Campbell's soup looked.
  • Originally the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre had the very punny name of Head Cheese. Personally, I think Head Cheese would have been awesome!
  • During auditions for The Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osmont was the only little boy who wore a tie. Apparently, this is one of the reasons he got the part. A little lesson in why one should always dress their best.
  • Psycho, released in 1960, was the first American movie to show a toilet flushing.
  • Jack Nicholson's' iconic "Here's Johnny!" line was improvised on the spot. Who knew it would seep it's way in into dozens of other shows.
  • Tobe Hooper, director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre lobbied the MPAA to rate Texas Chainsaw Massacre PG as it contained no sex scenes. He obviously did not get his way. It's probably for the best though, the sneak peek of the movie in theaters caused some people to walk out.
  • In the prologue and epilogue of Creepshow, the little boy shown is actually Joe King, the young son of Stephen King.
  • In Oren Peli's directorial debut Paranormal Activity, he changed the ending because Stephen Spielberg told him to.


Mar 9, 2013 10:57am
I frankly find ALL horror films appaling but I certainly like the way you write about them- 2thumbs from me.
Mar 10, 2013 7:11pm
Thank you for the comment.

My boyfriend is the same way, he just refuses to watch them with me.
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