Help I'm Really Bored

It always amazes me when people say they are bored. "I’m really bored what is there to do.” There’s so much to do in this world that you should never be bored. To correct this problem here are 25 things you can do when bored.

25 Run

Go out for a run if you are in shape. If you’re not in shape go running anyways. You’ll be so tired by the time you get home that you will have forgotten why you were bored in the first place.

24 Walk

Go for a walk in a park or other scenic location and take in nature. If you live by the seashore, go and walk by the ocean and listen to the waves. Take children with you if you have any so they can pick up seashells.

23 Buy a Digital Camera

Take some photographs when you are bored.  My girlfriend used to be bored but now she goes out and takes some fine looking pictures. She even got featured in a local magazine. 

22 Read

Pick up a new book and just read it. Try reading a new genre or something that you have interest in. Spend some time in the library just looking around at books. Even if you don’t end up getting one you won’t be bored for at least a little while.

21 Drink Coffee

Make yourself a pot of coffee and down the whole thing. You’ll be so wired I am sure you’ll find something to do. People around you might think you are a bit odd so be sure to tell them it’s a remedy for your boredom.  Put small animals in safe areas so you don’t scare them from your hyper activity.

20 Cook

Try a new recipe and make something you have never had before. Be sure not to serve it to guests before you have perfected the recipe though.

19 Play a Video Game

If you are bored try a new video game. If you have kids sit down and play one of their games with them so everyone is entertained.

18 Play an Instrument

If you don’t know how to play an instrument pick one up anyways and try to learn it. You’ll end up spending many hours at it and you won’t be bored. Stomp on it or toss it out a window if your boredom turns to anger. Better yet give it to me I could always use a new instrument.

17 Go to a Movie

Watching a movie is always a sure cure for boredom although many movies may just bore you even more. You could always watch funny YouTube videos instead or make your own.

16 Shop

Women will love this idea.  Go shopping even if you have no money and write down what you want.  Just spend the day going to different stores and before you know it you’ll no longer be bored.

15 Build Something

If you’re creative try making something new. If you’re like me you won’t try this one since a medical team would be needed in short order.

14 Learn a Language

Trying to learn n new language is a great way to reduce your boredom. Not only will you not be bored but you’ll impress people with your new found knowledge.

14 Write

Even if you’re not a write just sit down and write something. It could be a poem, an article or just a few notes in a journal. Write down your feelings when you’re bored.

13 Drive

Get in your car if you have one and just drive somewhere new. If you get lost you’ll have plenty of time to not be bored anymore.

12 Dress Up Your Dog or Cat

Get some animal clothes and dress up your animal. If you have a cat be sure to have plenty of bandages handy.

11 Eat Out

Find a new restaurant in town and go there.  

10 Bar Hop

Get together with some friends and go to five or so bars in one evening. Make sure you take a cab to each bar. The next day you won’t remember why you were bored or who the person beside you in the bed is.

9 Clean Up the House

Clean a room of your house to reduce your boredom. You can scald those who made the mess for therapy.

8 Count Your Pennies

Most of us have a large jar of pennies around the house. It’s time to count them and treat yourself to the rewards of your gigantic cash fortune.

7 Join a Forum

Go online and join a forum about something you’re interested in. One suggestion is a forum that talks about boredom. Maybe you’ll find some suggestions there to not be bored.

6 Watch TV

When you are bored you can watch TV. Since there’s nothing on you’ll just fall asleep anyways so you won’t be bored anymore.

5 Pay Some Bills

Paying bills will get rid of your boredom but you’ll need to repair the holes in your wall. At least you’ll have something else to do.

4 Learn the Capital City of Every Country

Get a map and learn the capital city of every country, state and province on earth. Then learn the names of every known body in the universe.

3 Go Fishing

I like fishing, it’s not boring. If you don’t like fishing go hunting.

2 Start Your Own Website or Blog

Star a website or blog and announce to the world how bored you are.

1 Write Down 100 Things to Do

Since you already have twenty-five things to do when bored go write down seventy-five more things to do when you need something to do.