There are 25 things you need in your car at all times. These items will help you when you find yourself in all kinds of situations while out on the road. I know that 25 items sounds like too much, but these items can actually be placed in the glove box and trunk of your car and require very little space. Some people will actually want more items with them in case of an emergency, however, just remember the more things that you transport around in your vehicle will affect your gas mileage. In saying that, the 25 things you need in your car will outweigh any increase in the cost.

1. Registration and Proof of Insurance. You need to keep a copy of your registration and proof of insurance in your car at all times. You should keep this in your glove box, or better yet, above your visor. For any reason that you are pulled over, or you need these documents in a hurry, you will know right where to find them. These pieces of paper make the top of the list of the things you need in your car, because without them, you will not get very far with the police.

2. Tire pressure gauge. A tire pressure guage is one of those "must have" items that you need in your car when you have a slow leak. This is handy if you feel that your tire is bumpy when riding down the road. You can pull over check your pressure. If it needs air, then you can find the nearest gas station and correct the pressure before you have a flat or blowout.

3. A can of Fix A Flat. A can of Fix a Flat is in the top 10 of the 25 things you need in your car. This is handy if the tire is too low. You can go ahead and use this to get you to the nearest gas station where your tire can be repaired.

4. A spare tire with a Jack stand. In case of a blowout, you will need to the replace the tire and a spare tire in your car will be necessary in order to do this.

5. Jumper cables. This comes in handy if you are out somewhere and leave your headlights on and find that your battery is dead. It is also handy to jump someone else off.

6. A gas can. If you have ever run out of gas, then you know how important this item is for acquiring a refill. Even if someone stops to help you often times they do not have a gas can.

7. A tow rope. This is for when you get stuck in mud. If you have your own tow rope in your car. then most of the time another motorist can pull you out of it. It is cheaper that a tow truck.

8.A small tool kit. This will help you make repairs under the hood and tighten wires if they are not making good contact. Be sure to carry some extra fuses in your car as well.

9. A map. In the event you get lost, a map will help you navigate your way to civilization.

10. A blanket. A blanket will keep you warm if you are waiting for a tow truck or the police on a cold night.

11. An umbrella. Having an umbrella available in your car will keep you dry if you are standing out in the rain dealing with an accident.

12. Cell phone car charger. Your battery always seems to fail when you are stranded.

13. A disposable camera. Keeping a disposable camera in your car with you at all times will help you if you ever want to documents damages occurred during a wreck. You may also want to documents the scene of the incident before any vehicles are moved.

14. A Pen and Paper. If you keep these things in your glove box, this will enable you to write down important names, phone numbers, and insurance information in the event an accident has happened.

15. A crank flashlight. When you need light at night to change a tire or navigate around outside of your automobile, this will always work without the need for a charged battery.

16. A flare. An invaluable emergency light when you have had a flat and are trying to change a tire with oncoming traffic nearby.

17. A hidden key. Sooner or later you are going to lock yourself out of the car, and if you do not have a key nearby you will be calling a locksmith.

18. Handy wipes. This is a great thing you need in your car for the occasion spills, sticky fingers, or if you get gas or oil on your hands.

19. Important phone numbers. If you break down, the availability of your important phones numbers for tow trucks and things like that make life a lot easier.

20. A first aid kit. First aid kits come supplied with most items you will need for minor cuts and scraps.

21. An owners manual. If your car breaks down or you need to replace a fuse, by having your owners manual in the glove box, you will know where to look under the hood for certain things. Also, manufactures recommend certain product specific items for your particular automobile. These suggestions are all listed in the owners manual.

22. W-D 40. This will help you unloosen any screws and bolts that are too tight to handle.

23. Can of Mace. This is for your protection while being stranded out on the road.

24. Kitty Litter of road salt. Kitty litter can help provide traction when you are stuck. Road salt can be place under a tire and allowed to melt the snow while you wait.

25. Emergency money. Always keep this available. You never know when you will be stranded out somewhere away from home and need a motel for the night. It is also good to give some money to a good Samaritan that has taken the time out of their day to stop and help you. Most of the time they will not take it, however, it is embarrassing for you if you don't have any extra cash available to at least offer them.

This list of at least 25 things you need in your car can help you in so many ways. After looking over them, I think you will agree that they are essential for those unpleasant times that we all experience every now and then. Most of these things can be placed in a small box or bag and put into the trunk without sacrificing a lot of space. Some of the other things mentioned should be close at hand for example in your glove box or door compartment. You wouldn't want to go digging around in the trunk for a flashlight. Most of these items just make plain common sense to have on hand. I think that I covered them all, but if not, please leave me a comment.