Earn Residual income online

Start a blog. Whether you want to start a blog for the money or for the income opportunities, it can be very lucrative if you know what you're doing. It's important to find something you are knowledgeable about, this way you won't dread writing and you will have a lot of information pertaining to the subject.

Invest in stocks. The stock market has both a good and a bad reputation in terms of it's possibilities to make money and to steal it from you, but it's a great way to earn residual income if you study the trends.

Invest in commodities. Commodities such as coal or natural gas have always been a long-term investment, which can provide a consistent and reliable residual income if you can see where the future is heading.

Invest in Gold. Throughout the years, the one consistent investment that has always gained in position in the longer term is gold. This tangible investment is considered the only "sure thing" in the investing world because it will never go down because less gold is always being found.

Create a website. Websites are a great form of residual income because you are the ultimate deciding factor in how successful the site will be. This will provide you with a lifetime of residual income.

Market an ebook. You can sell other people's ebooks on your website or blog and earn a consistent residual income as long as the ebook is on the market.

Write an ebook. The great thing about writing your own ebook is, you will always have publishing rights and be able to earn money from this investment in time. You can even market the book yourself and earn two forms of income through your website or blog.

Invest in real estate. Buying a property or lot and renting it out is yet another way to earn a consistent and reliable residual income.

Rent storage facilities. Most people need to store something, whether it's a household item or a car that's too big for the garage, they will need a storage area and that's where you come in.

Start a small business. Small businesses are the engine that drives the U.S. economy, so why not  be apart of that? You don't even need money to start with the right lender or partner.

Peer to peer lending. The online world has brought us alternatives to banks where we can all profit from loans given. Peer to peer lending is a way to invest in your fellow man while gaining a profit and providing a viable alternative to banks.

Buy an auto car wash. Car washes are very popular and can be run by machines where everything is automatic and no daily maintenance is required. This is yet another residual income opportunity.

Buy a coin laundry. Coin laundry is very popular due to many people not wanting to buy a washing machine or dryer. You simply rent both to a customer for residual income.

Buy vending machines. Vending machines provide candy or even prizes in exchange for a small investment. With a large number of vending machines placed in large retailers, you can make a lot of residual income.

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