25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Afting making it twenty-five years together as a married couple, it's time to celebrate! Finding a partner with whom you can share your life is a tremendous gift in itself, and exchanging personalized gifts with your spouse on your big day can cement just how strongly you two still feel after all these years.

When you've been with someone for twenty-five years, it can be tough to find them something that truly represents your feelings on your big anniversry; that's why we've compiled a list of ideas for you here to get you started. Think about your spouse's individual style, and what makes you two work so well as a couple. You want this gift to fit with your personalities so it really celebrates your success as a couple, and makes the day special for both of you.

Whatever style seems right for your spouse on your big day - traditional, extravagant, heartfelt, or even do-it-yourself - we have suggestions to help put you on the right track.


Silver is the traditional gift given on the 25th anniversary. Always a classic, a gift of silver on this monumental anniversary will be a timeless way for you to express your commitment after all these years.

Rings and jewelry - Exchanging silver rings or gifting your spouse with another piece of silver jewelry is a classic and traditional way to celebrate your big day. These rings can symbolize a couple's continued devotion to each other and each spouse can choose a ring for the other that matches their personal style.

Silver housewares - Many husbands choose to give their spouses a silver houseware on their 25th anniversary. This can be as simple as a set of candlesticks or as extravagent as a new set of silver kitchen appliances. Silver dishes and glasses can also be a lovely gift.


Time capsule - Creating a time capsule can be an excellent way for a couple to look back on all the years they've spent together and emphasize their commitment to still being together in the future. A couple can include items from the year they were married and from the current year, and make plans to open the time capsule on another big anniversry in the future.

Photo album - Assemble and give your spouse a collection of meaningful photos from over the course of your relationship. This gift gives the couple an opportunity to reminisce about their history and plan to make new memories for a future photo album too.

Picnic or day trip - Without having to spend too much money, a couple can spend a day in the outdoors or at a local attraction to celebrate their big day. A more outdoorsy couple could plan a day hike and picnic in a local state park; others might prefer to spend a day together at a botanical garden, museum, or waterfront.

Purchased Gifts

Event tickets - A couple who loves a band or sports team can treat themselves on their anniversary by buying tickets to a big game or show. Spending time together enjoying something they both love will make it a big day for borth partners. In addition, splurging on tickets for an unusual event makes the day feel all the more special.

Vacation - A classic choice for celebrating a major anniversary, taking a vacation can be a luxurious and relaxing way to share your anniversary with your partner. By getting away just the two of you, or bringing your whole family along, you can celebrate your success as a couple in style. Travel somewhere exotic you've never been before, or visit an old family favorite.

Framed photo - Having a classic photo of you two - perhaps from your wedding day - enlarged and framed is a lovely expression of your devotion after so many years. Especially with a silver-framed photo, this gift symbolizes the significance of this major anniversary and pays tribute to the many memories you two have made together.

When you're celebrating your 25th anniversary, you may want to share the story of your relationship with friends, family, or the world by creating a blog about your marriage or your anniversary celebration. Find other marriage blogs to help you get started - or just to peruse and see how other married couples make it work! - and become part of a community of other people on their way to their next big anniversary.

Staying married for twenty-five years isn't always fun and games. Many couples seek the assistance of marriage counselors before they get married and throughout their relationhip to ensure their bond stays strong. If you are interested in working to help other couples make it to these major anniversaries, marriage counseling may be a good career path for you. Helping to make good marriages work and last sometimes takes more than just the two in the relationship, but can worth all the effort, especially when you celebrate a big anniversary.