Celebrating 25 years with him

A 25th wedding anniversary is a time to be treasured. You can probably still remember how he proposed to you in his own unique way. You remember the location, how the breeze felt against your face, or even what you ate if at a restaurant. Every small detail and any minuscule fact come to the forefront when it's time to celebrate the moment you two journeyed down the aisle (speaking of journey, a greatest hits DVD from the band is a good gift idea!) . Twenty-five years is a long time, so you've probably exhausted many wedding anniversary gift ideas. Some couples don't even give gifts, but just spend time together which is all well and fine, but if you still want to show your appreciation and commemorate the special event, here are a few suggestions.

What happened on this day 25 years ago?

A Time Passages Yearbook is another great 25th wedding anniversary gift idea. These come in calendar form and highlight special events that happened 25 years ago. Any significant newsworthy thing or special event that occurred during this year is featured. It'd be a nice conversation starter, you could sit back and discuss all the memories you two have of that year. Recollect on the hit songs in the year or what popular movies came out. View photographs of famous people, athletes, or politicians who were big during those times. Popular music from the year you two were married compiled all onto one disc is another great gift idea. And nostalgic DVDs that feature all the happenings in the year you two were married are available as well. Being able to read, watch and listen to the year you two tied the knot will make for a great nostalgic 25th wedding anniversary gift.

25th anniversary

Frame it

If you feel he's the poetic type, a simple poem encased in a frame will definitely be a winner. Many of these have beautiful watercolor art next to the poem, and can make a timeless gift that can be treasured years down the road. You could also find photo frames that you'd place classic wedding photos inside. Updating the classic image of you two together at your wedding with a new frame will keep the memory fresh in his mind. You could find wooden picture frames, metal frames, or frames that open up book-style. He'll be able to view it at the office while working, or it can be displayed at home. There are also then & now picture frames that have the two of you on your wedding day, and an updated picture 25 years later. These storybook frames are great in recognizing how you two have been able to stay together, while also providing inspiration for another 25 years.

Things he can use

Other 25th wedding anniversary gifts for men could include watches, grooming supplies, and gadgets. Depending on what kind of activity your husband enjoys doing would be the inspiration to your gift-shopping. Picking something he can use with a hobby or on the job makes it practical and will be a guaranteed sure winner. If he's a technoholic, grab accessories like carrying cases, tablet covers or chargers for his various devices. If he enjoys a craft, giving him tools that can be used to improve his hobby would also be welcomed. Usually, you can't go wrong with practical gifts like these, they aren't really specific to any occasion and so could be used for retirement or 40th birthday gifts for men as well.

Keep the romance alive

Whatever 25th anniversary gift you decide to give, as long as it's meaningful and from the woman he loves, you shouldn't go wrong. Also, gifts that help spark the romance between the two of you like a CD of the album that contains the proverbial "our song" or a romantic movie you watched when were dating would help make the evening that much more special.