If you are looking for a 25th wedding anniversary party gift idea, and don’t want to get something that will simply be stuck on a shelf somewhere collecting dust, then why not consider a personalized silver wine stopper?

If your friends are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary, and are wine lovers, then this would make a perfect gift idea.  Not only is it silver which is fitting for this celebration, but it is something that will be used over and over again, and each time it will bring back memories of you and the party.

Wine has become very popular now, with wine tastings, wine stores, wine making kits, and even holiday packages that are wrapped around wine tasting in this country or abroad.  If you have been invited to or are organizing this special 25th anniversary party then sending the couple on one of these wine tasting packages abroad would be lovely but not practical in today’s economy!

But you still want to get them something silver, and something nice and yet affordable.  There are the traditional 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas, such as silver frames, silver utensils, silver nick nacks and more, and not that there is anything wrong with these gift ideas, but if you are looking for something just a little bit different, then getting a good quality silver wine stopper that you can personalize would make a great gift.25th Wedding Anniversary Party Gift

Personalized Round Silver Wine Stopper - Includes Free Engraving

Many wines will go off in taste quickly if they are not finished right away, and these bottles, usually tend to end up in the next day stew or used as some kind of cooking wine.  But if you use a red wine aerator for when you first open a bottle of wine so that it gets just the right amount of air in each glass (instead of leaving it to breathe) and then seal the bottle right away with a stopper you will preserve the flavour for another day.

This type of gift will be kept with their wine bottles and wine collection and will be used.  You can get them plain silver and they will do their job by completely sealing most bottles of wine, but it would be nice to take a useful item and then get it personalized.

You can do this at many shops that cater to engraving, but you can also get them at wine stores, and also online at sites such as Amazon where you can order them personalized.  You can get them engraved with the date of their anniversary, your name, or whatever you want.

You can then pair this up with a great bottle of wine, and maybe a great wine chiller if your budget allows, so that they have the complete entertaining wine set!

If you prefer to get a 25th wedding anniversary party gift idea that is not quite that fussy, then you can get a rabbit wine stopper that is fun and yet elegant enough for the top of a bottle of wine.  These are stoppers that have a cute, quality made white rabbit on top so they can always recognize the bottle of wine that needs to be used first and make them smile!

25th wedding anniversaries are special, and should be recognized.  By getting them something personalized, and useful, then they will remember you for years to come.