Reducing your waste is relatively easy to do if you think through the ways you create garbage every day. Reminding yourself of the old saying – reduce, reuse, and recycle will help you remember to make the right choices. Being prepared and thinking ahead about your day, your week, and your year will help you keep in mind different ways to cut your waste. Some of these suggestions are simple and may be things you already do, while some things take more planning and thought. Either way, reducing your waste is the right thing to do.

1. Copy on both sides of the paper

2. Use reusable bags when you shop or simply refuse a bag. If you need bags, opt for paper

3. Only use paper for copies and printing when you need to

4. Reuse paper clips, envelopes, rubber bands, and other office supplies

5. Use recycled paper

6. Avoid using paper towels and switch to cloth towels

7. Use a ceramic cup, or travel mug for your drink instead of cardboard or other disposable cup

8. Call and reduce the amount of catalogues you can sign up for by contacting Direct Marketing Association Mail Preference Services

9. Purchase your foods such as yogurt in bulk to avoid individual containers. Put your food in Tupperware or used glass container when you need to take a serving somewhere with you

10. Cook your own food to avoid containers when you use take out

11. Reuse sandwich bags and cling wrap

12. Compost

13. Recycle

14. Whenever you purchase something decide whether you really need it

15. Save food containers and use them to store food and leftovers

16. Purchase produce, such as milk, that comes in returnable containers

17. Choose products that come in the least amount of packaging

18. Shop at used stores, especially for things like baby clothes and toys that are only used for a short time

19. Choose products that are high quality and likely to last a long time

20. Rent equipment you aren't likely to need to use often

21. When something breaks, try to fix it before you buy a new one

22. Support businesses that work to reduce their waste

23. Don't print your email or other paper – bring your laptop with you when you go places

24. Use clothe bags or newspaper to wrap gifts instead gift wrap – if you receive a present in gift wrap, save it and reuse it

25. Stop buying bottled water and drink tap water and use a filter

26. Use clothe baby diapers