25 Unusual Gift Ideas3Coming up with creative gift ideas for people is not as easy as it sounds. Most of the time we really need help and suggestions from others to make a proper decision. It isn’t easy to hunt down an unusual or unique item that someone hasn’t seen a hundred times before in the usual big box stores, but it’s worth it (if they'll appreciate it).

Don’t just buy something because it is different; make sure the gift fits the person you plan on giving it to. Most of the items below can be found on Amazon and I’ve tried to give you an idea of the price by using the dollar symbol. So take a look and discover that creative gift ideas aren’t as hard to come up with as you thought...with a little help.

$ (under $25)

$$ (under $75)

$$$ (over $75)

25 Unusual Gift Ideas• Psycho Shower Curtain ($): Taking a shower will never be the same again with this little reminder of just how vulnerable we really are when we bathe. There are other themed shower curtains out there for those who aren’t interested in being scared while in the tub.

• Buckyballs ($$): If you’ve never played with these balls you are in for a real treat. Buckyballs are powerful earth magnets in the shape of small balls that can be formed into endless shapes and forms. Although not for children, these would make for a great office gift.

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25 Unusual Gift Ideas2• Post It Note Table ($$$): This great table was designed by Tom Seymour and has 5,000 sheets of paper glued together for you to write or draw on. Great for artists.

• Personalized Magazine Cover ($$$): You may need to see a graphic designer for this one unless you are familiar with Photoshop or similar program. You’ll also need to come up with a good picture of your target. Just choose magazine that the person likes and cleverly work his picture onto the cover. You can also frame it to make it look a hundred times better. Definitely a unique and creative gift.

• Thudguard Baby Protective Safety Helmet ($$): Protects your baby’s head with a ½ inch of protective foam which makes it very light. It also uses a stretchy chin strap that allows for growth.

• Novelty Signs ($): There are a huge selection of these signs that cover everything from cat crossings to trespassing. These signs are usually made using an exterior grade PVC and quality inks. Most are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.25 Unusual Gift Ideas7

• Dynomighty Mighty Wallet ($): A very thin, tear and water resistant wallet made from Tyvek (think express mail envelopes). There is a wide range of designs available and they even offer a D.I.Y. wallet that has a writable surface you can draw on with permanent markers to express your own creative ideas.

• Antenna Balls ($): Antenna balls are a great way to accessorize and add some attitude to your vehicle. Just stick them right on the outside antenna and they’ll go everywhere you go. There is a wide variety to choose from as well.

• Specialty T-Shirts ($$): These come with all sorts of slogans and images on them and the variety is endless thanks to sites like Threadless and Café Press. Just do a little looking and you’re sure to find that special shirt for that special person.

• Gag Toilet paper ($): A large variety of TP is available with pictures, jokes, and even glow in the dark versions. May break out sensitive bottoms.

• Collection of Songs ($$): Go out and buy a 4 GB flash drive and then visit a site where you can buy individual mp3’s like Amazon or iTunes. Compile a list of favorite songs for that special person. I would at least get twenty or thirty songs so you don’t come off as cheap.

• Canon Lens Coffee Cup Mug ($): Looks like a high quality Canon camera lens from the outside. Made of food grade plastic and a stainless steel thermos interior. Your guy or girl not a photographer? No problem. Just do a little search of their favorite hobby followed by coffee cup; you should find something interesting.

• Interesting Books ($): Books always make perfect gift ideas because they can inspire creative thought or help entertain us on a lazy summer day.
- Oh Crap, I’m Having a Baby
- Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks
- The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists
- The Zombie Survival Guide
- PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives

• Temporary Tattoos ($): These are usually sold on transfer sheets and wear off in several days. A great gift for someone thinking of getting a tattoo.

25 Unusual Gift Ideas4• Sculpted Jewelry Tree ($$): A truly beautiful way for her to keep her jewelry organized and in one place. This piece is especially useful for jewelry worn on a regular basis.

• Moleskine Notebooks ($): A well known type of notebook used by many famous artists like Picasso and Hemingway. Throw in a good quality pen to round out the gift for that creative person you know.

• A Starter Bonsai Tree ($$): Be sure to give this to the proper person as they will have to care for the tree a bit. Unless they are familiar with bonsai it would be very considerate to include a basic how to book and minimal supplies to take care of it.

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• Specialty Soaps ($): A lot of great soaps are made today with a variety of scents, shapes, and colors. Men especially love the Mountain Man Soaps, handmade in Colorado. With scents like Gold Rush and Campfire Smoke, what man wouldn't love these soaps?

• Custom Gift Baskets ($$$): These will take a bit of thought to put together, but are definitely a personal gift. You can pick products based on the persons birthday, likes (or dislikes), or their guilty pleasures. Items can be as expensive or as cheap as you’re willing to put in to them and can include candy, toys, jewelry, DVDs and so forth.

• Crayon Rocks ($): A wonderful gift for older kids and artistic adults. Sixteen non-toxic colors come in a red velvet bag to really produce a different kind of coloring experience.

25 Unusual Gift Ideas6• Happy Socks ($): This company makes socks that definitely stand out in a crowd. Most are very colorful and they offer many different designs. You can buy them from their website or on Amazon. Some people may consider these to be gag gifts but what's wrong with that?

• Hourglass ($$): A perfect gift for any eccentric people you may know.

• Exotic Meats ($$$): You’ll more than likely have to go online for this gift so do your research and pick a well respected place. I’ve seen sites that offer lion, raccoon, python, rattlesnake, camel, beaver, alligator, buffalo, frog legs, kangaroo, turtle, zebra, and much more.

• Hard To Find Movies ($$): Do you know a kung fu nut, or maybe someone who is a huge fan of horror movies? You’ll have to know what you’re looking for and it may take a little searching on the web, but more than likely you can find those movies that they can't really find in the usual stores.

• Gift Certificates ($$): Try giving a gift certificate for a luxury service like a massage or a day at the spa. A lot of people don't splurge on themselves that often and this might be a pleasant surprise for them.

• Burial Plot ($$$): This gift should certainly be for someone you care about as it won't be cheap. You may also want to let the person make a decision on which cemetery the plot will be in and where grave will be located before actually buying it. You could give them a card explaining what your going to do and plan out the actual details on a later date.

Well, there you have it, 27 unusual gifts that can be given to just about anyone. If any of the above gifts didn't ring a bell with you, don't worry, finding creative gift ideas isn't as hard as it use to be thanks to the internet.

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