Pedicure BlissCredit: footloose

Some of you may be thinking that this article title, 2 Aleve and a Pedicure, may have something to do with curing a hangover. No, absolutely not - I don’t imbibe, but I do wake up very stiff jointed and achy occasionally (more so if the weather gets dark and rainy, or if I haven’t stretched in awhile). Well, I experienced a rough day recently where arthritic symptoms attacked my every move. First I had to recall any behavior from the day before to check if that might be causing the symptoms. Yes, I had been moving on foot for 4 hours - at a library so I was definitely squatting to shelve books on lower shelves, reaching, carrying, pushing book carts. That certainly could have contributed to achy body parts. Then again, I could have slept funny - thus the neck and shoulder soreness. Then again, maybe it was just my turn to have one of those days.

I gave in and took 2 Aleve. Although I resorted to taking Aleve quite some years ago (instead of ibupofrin), I still re-check the information like; what is Aleve, the side effects of Aleve, and what about Aleve liquid gels. Basically, Aleve is a non-prescription over the counter (OTC) form of anaprox which is a fast acting form of pain relief found in naprosyn. Oh goodie, more new words with unknown meanings. Do not fear, I checked this out more thoroughly since I know I can’t possibly be the only curious OTC user out there.

First of all, anaprox has a generic name which is naproxen. Aleve is merely a brand name of naproxen. It has 200 mg of naproxen and 20 mg of sodium in it. It is one of many drugs called NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). So, that is fairly self explanatory - it is not a steroid and it treats inflammation. How, one might ask, does it relieve pain? It blocks production of prostaglandins (prah stuh gland ins) which are produced in the body for different functions in different tissues. One thing they do is increase pain sensitivity in nerve endings, and that is where the naproxen relief comes in, I think!

Yes, just like any OTC meds there are side effects of Aleve to check out before swallowing a tablet or caplet. Basically all NSAIDS increase chances for heart attack and stroke when taken for a long time. So, do check out those cautions first. I do, but every so often I recheck because so many new warnings come out about added detriments to taking what once may have been oh so beneficial. Don’t you hate when you find out that the “safe” OTC drug turns out to be a major cause of cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, etc. Sometimes it works out okay if you can sue for zillions of dollars and/or get the old hip replacement baddie removed and a new better one replaced. The pain and agony doesn’t seem worth it- but, hey who ever said we weren’t really a bunch of willing guinea pigs being led to bodies unknown by those powerful drug companies that rule the advertising world?

Remember I was feeling all achy and took 2 Aleve, so I had time to have a don’t go back to sleep contemplation about the OTC meds. So, previously I had been pleasantly surprised with a gift for a pedicure. I was itchin’ to have that fabulous body treatment since I wasn’t about to hike or lift weights or do any other such moving around. Luckily the call to the spa pedicure place was a success - I could be treated at noon.

What Is A Pedicure?

  • Bliss.
  • A beauty treatment for feet for men too.
  • A foot and calf massage.
  • A service to make your toenails into pedicure nail art.
  • Procedures to enhance feet appearance.
  • More bliss. Heavenly bliss.
  • Therapeutic benefits to foot maintenance - like reduced stress due to the pampering.

Pedicure History
Men definitely knew the pleasure and benefits of pedicure, and even ancient Egyptian pharoahs had manicures and pedicures. According to wikipedia, depictions have been found of pedicures on tombs. The nail painting was significant even with Roman military leaders to have their nails painted to match their lips before battling the enemy. Henna was used in India to polish nails. The Chinese used nail polish to show a person’s social status.

Egyptian queens were noted for the shade of nail polish they used. Women have been getting pedicures for thousands of years, and now men are enjoying the treatment without the polish! Everyone is entitled to the cosmetic treatment of foot care.

I find it engaging and satisfying that I resorted to this ancient feel good therapy to make my day a more relaxed and painless experience. The Aleve definitely helped, but look at all the research I had to do to re-introduce it fearlessly. A pedicure was just a no brainer for relief. I’m not the only one who finds bliss in this treatment. There are thousands of spa pedicures all over the earth. In the valley I live in there are many offered in each small town! Mostly they are Asian owned and operated, and both men and women provide the service. It doesn’t matter where you travel to, there will be a nail salon offering the best pedicure around.

Perhaps our human genes carry the answer to our woes (like an achy body), and they include the pedicure somewhere in the DNA that hasn’t been discovered yet. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be discovered because we do have ancestral memory in our cells, and after all, the solution to whatever ails us may truly be in the cause, which also resides somewhere within us.

I, for one, am so grateful to the pedicurists who excel at caring. They can make all the difference in a person’s well-being on a spiritual lifting level, too. Of course I haven’t mentioned the magic they make out of the botched “I tried to do it myself” sorrowful tales they must deal with on a daily basis. I’m certainly guilty. No more, I swear I’ll just take 2 Aleve and get a pedicure from now on.