1st Pet Naturals

Natural Health for Pets


1st Pet Naturals is owned by a company made up of medical professionals working in clinics and pharmacies. For 12 years they've been in the field of animal health. They work with a naturopathic veterinarian, using her years of experience to help not only cats and dogs, but other large animals as well. 

Their 'naturopathic' method involves using only natural ingredients to keep our pets healthy from day one. They have tons of products for cats and dogs that follow their holistic approach so that you can be confident your pet is getting only what's going to make him healthy. They also sell other naturopathic brands that have been at the top of the holistic product market for a long time. 

They use 100% natural ingredients extracted from plants and herbs. Their resident veterinarians, naturopaths, and doctors develop these products themselves to give your pet the best in holistic medicine possible. 

They even have a holistic veterinarian on site to answer questions you have about their products. 

You can find a variety of cat and dog products on their site; from regular preventive care to cancer and disease management. 

Natural Wonder Pets

Animal Science from Nature


Natural Wonder Pets is, well, wonderful! They pour all of their efforts into research and validation of their products rather than marketing bells and whistles.

Sporting a modest website, they're proud to say that they sell only their own products. That means they always know exactly what's in them and how they're made. 

They make a straight forward and to the point promise to all of their customers: 'If the ingredients are not honestly natural, we won't sell it. It's that simple, that easy.'

Their products are tested in family environments and not labs. No fillers. No grains, yeast, sugars, starches. They don't add anything that's synthetic to cut costs. They stay true to their philosophy no matter what, claiming that their all natural products can increase the average lifespan of your pet to 20-27 years.

They don't have the variety that 1st Pet Naturals has, but what they lack in quality they make up in authenticity. In fact, they clearly state on their website that 'Natural is their promise, not just a buzzword. 

While these two stores are certainly not the only stores selling natural products for pet health, they are part of a small subset of pet stores that focus only on pet health. If you haven't considered the effect of the chemicals you put on your pet, and the synthetic nature of the food you put in their bellies, now is probably the time to have a heart to heart with your beloved four-legged friend.