U-Go-Dog: Walking your dog is officially a thing of the past

Hergratee is a genius product that has taken away 50% of the work that goes into keeping a dog. 

The UGODOG is like a dog litter box, but better. Instead of litter, you use pads. Instead of a box, you use a container covered with a squishy grate. 

This means that if you buy one of these, you will never actually have to walk your dog ever again. This is something I wouldn't advise since your dog needs exercise, but theoretically, it's possible. 

Initially, I was appalled by such a product. As if I was so lazy that I wasn't able to take my dog for a walk or, at the very least, open the back door for him so that he could go and do his business in the sandbox. 

Then I began to think about all the situations where this would come in handy and I realized that this is nothing short of pure genius.

You know you need a UGODOG when...

  • You live in an extremely cold place, and you are snowed in. What are you supposed to do with your dog? When you gotta go, you gotta go. So it's either the livingroom, or your UGODOG. The choice is yours.
  • You live in a cold place and you have a dog that is imobalized by the cold. You can either cover him in sweaters and hopes he doesn't freeze to death, or you can use your UGODOG. 
  • You have a dog that is notorious for their house training problems, like an Italian Greyhound, and you want to teach him to go in the UGODOG before he pees himself.
  • You live in a skyscraper and you would like to housetrain a puppy. If you've ever housetrained a puppy, you know that the poor little thing needs to go outside at least every thrity minutes if you want to do him any justice. Instead of taking the elevator thirty floors down every thirty minutes (which essentially means that you just never leave the elevator), you can use your UGODOG. 
  •  You live in an apartment and you would like to housetrain a puppy. If you don't want to walk down 3 flights of stairs carrying a puppy (they can't go down the stairs for a while), you can ask him to occassionally use his UGODOG.
  • You live in an apartment and you want to housetrain two puppies. I have personal experience in this. You have to carry each pup, one in each arm, up and down the stairs every thirty minutes. Great for exercise, horrible for productivity and your overall happiness. 



With that said, anyone who is thinking of getting a UGODOG and is not in any of the above situations really needs to make sure that their intentions are pure. You absolutely still need to take your dog for walks or to the dog park at the very least. 

These things also come in doubles, if you have a dog whose bowel movements represent those of an elephants, and pads you can use to put on the bottom. Not too shabby.


The Booster Bath

The Booster Bath is quite possibly one of the most useful dog products I've seen in a long time. bbbBreaking your back, clogging your tub, and destroying your bathroom are only a few of the side effects of giving your dog a bath. 

The Booster Bath is great in the laundry room, garage, or even outside. It comes in all kinds of sizes, and you can even add a ramp to it so that your dog just walks right in. 

bb2largeAlso, you don't have to deal with your dog trying to jump out like he does in a regular bath tub (while you in turn end up sporting scratches on your arm that look like you got into an arm wrestling match with Wolverine). The Booster Bath comes with a nice little collar that you can put on your dog that attaches to the tub. So Fido isn't going anywhere. 

One of the best parts is that you don't have to perform any acrobatics to get the underside of your dog clean and rinsed. Your dog is right there on your level, so getting his belly becomes a cinch. 

bassetMost pet owners haven't heard of the Booster Bath, and I didn't know it existed until a few days ago. It's not even that expensive, with the price starting at $130 for the smallest, and then increasing from there depending on the size you want. All of the sizes are portable, and it comes with a 90 day guarantee. 

If you happen to be a professional dog groomer, or an aspiring dog groomer, you can get extras like a dual fan-nozzel system, 20 and 10 foot drainage hoses, and other pro stuff. 

That's all for my 2 awesome pet products of the week. Tune in next time for more.