You have most likely engaged in an extreme diet where you have forced yourself to eat healthy foods and deprived yourself of the foods you love. The largest problem with diets is the failure rate, and there are some very good reasons why your diet will fail. With some tips from sites like and a good understanding of why your diet attempts fail, you can get an upper hand on your eating habits, weight and overall health. Below is a list of some of the most common diet mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Not Eating Enough

Just like a car needs fuel, our bodies need food to function correctly. The largest diet mistake people can make is to not eat enough. Without the proper protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, your body will begin to lose weight, but you will soon plateau and find yourself without energy or stamina. Your metabolism will actually decrease and you will create more harm to your body than good. This diet style is notorious for causing you to gain the weight back and might even add a few pounds with the lowered metabolism that was created.

A good diet will consist of five small meals throughout the day, comprised of healthy and nutritious foods. Do not make the mistake of cutting food out of your life; just be more careful as to what you eat.

2. Taking Away All Your Favorite Foods

Most of our favorite foods are fattening or high in calories, so when starting a diet it is natural to think we should cut out all those foods. The problem with this method is that we love these foods and will feel very deprived when we cannot enjoy them. While it is a true statement to say that the pasta you love is high in carbs and may not be the best choice, it is also true that you can still have pasta in moderation.

Create smaller portions of the foods you love and add more healthy choices along with them. So, if you want pasta, try whole wheat pasta for a healthy choice or even add a larger portion of steamed broccoli on your plate to leave less room for the unhealthy portion of your meal. If you don't feel deprived while on your diet, you will be less likely to fail. It is more about a lifestyle change than a diet. There are many healthy options you can choose from to be able to still enjoy your favorite foods.

Instead of taking away your favorite foods in the beginning, just try adding some healthy ones. If you drink soda throughout the day, try adding juice to your diet and you will find that you naturally will remove soda from your daily routine. The same is true with food, if you add some healthy choices for snacks like fresh almonds, celery sticks or fresh fruits, you can easily let it take the place of salty unhealthy snacks.