Rise To The Top With Positive Words & Phrases

Rise To The PositiveCredit: VICCorporations invest millions of dollars on their image and their products. The payoff is to be seen as a positive, dependable,  sought-after and essentially - to be liked.

How much do you invest in yourself?

 That's right. You are a product. You are selling yourself, your ideas and above all your "like-ability."  Your choice of words, how you use phrases or how you approach a challenge can either help or hinder your image.

Imagine the impact you could have right from the beginning at a new job. Your positivity certainly would be passed on to future employers through word-of-mouth and/references.

You may not be aware that you are using negative words and phrases that are slowly hurting your personal product: You.

For instance think back to when you have given instructions, spoken to customers, talked with family, given directions to employees, given advice or sat through an interview.

Upon reflection, have you used phrases like:

  • "I can't have it for you until...
  • "Don't forget to..."
  • "No, because..."

 Even for those of us who practice positive thinking, negative words are second nature to many of us; we say them without realizing it – because it’s just so darn simple to do – it doesn’t take much thought.

What will take added effort, though, is to turn a negative phrase into a positive one. Whether you are having dialogue in a professional or social setting, always remember that everyone that you meet, every day of your life, is a customer.

Before we continue, let's take a look at the bullets above. How easy is it to give the above a positive twist. VERY EASY! Here's how:

  • "I CAN have it for you on..."
  • "REMEMBER to.."
  • "Yes, if..."

Whether you are in a social or business setting, the “can’t” part sends a message that you are not capable of a simple task. A simple turn of the phrase will produce a series of positive words that will eventually lead to positive thinking.

Simply say: “I can have it for you on Friday.”

Sure, that’s common sense – drop two characters and a word. But how many people would think of doing that in the heat of a conversation?

Here’s a bonus called “under promise and over deliver.”  Your positive twist above promised to have it on Friday. How about over delivering it and having it on Thursday, Wednesday or even earlier?

The receiver will be pleasantly surprised to have it earlier than promised – how positive is that?

Marty Sklar, a 54-year veteran of Walt Disney’s Imagineers team, remembers that Disney wouldn’t take “no.” for an answer when it came to developing his parks and attractions.

Sklar recalls that Harrison “Buzz” Price, who performed thousands of feasibility studies for Walt himself, learned never to say “no, it can’t be done.”

Sklar remembers Price explain: “You could say to Walt ‘yes, if,’ but you could never say ‘no, because.’”

“I think that it’s really good advice,” Sklar said in a 2009 podcast interview for DIS-Unplugged. “Because Buzz Price said ‘no, because’ is the language of a deal killer and ‘yes, if’ is the language of somebody that wants to make the deal.”

Sklar relates more successes of the "yes, if" philosophy in his "Dream It! Do It!" book that chronicles his years working directly for Walt Disney himself.  Price learned to turn a negative into a positive.

‘No, because’ gives the impression that the speaker sees only the obstructions and hurdles; does not have the initiative to go any further.

Responding with ‘yes, because’ sends the positive message that the speaker has considered the options, knows the solutions and is prepared to follow-through.

Positive thinking will produce positive words - make the effort to turn a negative into a positive. Transform a “no, because” into “yes, if.” And of course, eliminating “can’t” or “don’t” from your vocabulary will speak volumes.

Sure, there will be times when you have to admit that something can’t be done, however, run it through the positive filter and give it a simple twist. Stay positive!