The 2 drawer filing cabinet is a staple feature in many work-spaces. Whether you are at home storing personal documents or at work storing sensitive materials you need to have a quality filing system that keeps things neat and orderly. Ideally you will also want your piece to be stable and secure as well as fashionable which is why many people opt to purchase cabinets which are both low profile and pleasing to the eye.

Popular home office models are the solid wood filing cabinet (2 drawer), the black wood file (2 drawer) and the white wood file which also has only 2 drawers. These are popular because home offices typically have less need for large capacity storage and they are low profile pieces of furniture. Obviously people with higher capacity requirements can easily upgrade to three or four drawer models.

White Wood File Cabinet

White Wood File CabinetThis kind of storage solution might not work for all types of decor and design tastes as it is obviously white, however most rooms look perfectly fine with white wood featured furniture. The reason for this is that the color is clean and can make a dull room look a little more bright and inviting. The wood grain makes the cabinet look higher in quality and makes the piece of furniture feel fashionable in additional to being functional.

A wooden file cabinet is typically just as functional as an ordinary file. The file lock is secure like any other setup and it obviously will hold your material like any made from any other material. The one thing the wood file cabinet cannot claim however is fire proofing.

Because a wooden filing system is not made of metal like a black metal file it cannot hold up to the elements like a file cabinet designed for such extremes can. Unless you are filing away irreplaceable documents then you can probably get by by simply opting for design and fashion.

2 Drawer White Wood File Cabinet

Two Drawer White Wood Lateral File CabinetThe other feature you are most likely to care about in your quest for function and design is the low profile. If you specifically choose to buy a 2 drawer wood file as opposed to a 3 drawer or 4 drawer filing cabinet you will have a low profile piece that does not overshadow all other items in your room.

The 2 drawer wood file cabinet is probably not a good bet for those that have to file away large quantities of paperwork because it doesn't have the same storage capacity but if this is not a problem then a 2 drawer system will probably work for your needs while still managing to look good in it's environment.

Where To Buy Two Drawer Wooden File Cabinets

Most stores carry many varying kinds of storage systems such as a 2 drawer filing cabinets, just about any basic type of cabinet that you need really. Your normal office supply stores and office furniture shops in your area however will likely have higher prices then you may find online.

If you have a tighter budget you can usually find quality solid wood options online including less frequently sought after pieces and parts from less well known stores. A lot of the stores that focus on miscellaneous file cabinet parts can both sell you filing systems for less as well as related items such as file cabinet lock bars or file caster bases.

Shopping around online and in person will also allow you to nitpick and find the exact solid wood filing system for your needs. And lastly you can always save some money by shopping for used two drawer cabinets on eBay or even at local yard sales. There's no reason to over pay for a basic filing system.