woman with long eyelashes

Doesn't it seem so unfair that men generally have longer eyelashes than women? It seems it should be the other way around. I've always compared men's eyelashes to the bright red of the Cardinal male. Maybe men have longer eyelashes because it attracts women. 

Whatever the reason may be that men seem to have longer eyelashes than women, it's the women that want to add length and they usually run to the nearest department store to grab any new product that promises longer lashes.

The bad thing about mascara is that the results are only temporary. As soon as the day is over and the makeup comes off, so does your length. This is why I prefer using two methods that offer long term results when it comes to achieving longer eyelashes.

Grab A Mascara Wand

It's okay if you're not done with your mascara yet because chances are you're not even going to want to use it again. If you're a makeup junkie then this is great for you because you'll be able to completely ditch one of your eyelash products.

You can even purchase an empty tube that has a wand from the sample section at a store like Target or WalMart. If you decide to go with using one you already own, be sure to clean it thoroughly with warm water and an antibacterial soap. Rinse until the water is clear.

Use Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil is great for hair growth and is most popular among African American women that have decided to ditch the relaxers and go natural. This oil in particular is a humectant, which means it helps hair absorb moisture from water.

Castor oil is best used in it's purest form. This means you may have to head to your local health food store to and pick up some organic cold-pressed castor oil. 

If you've purchased an empty mascara tube, you'll simply fill the tube with castor oil and use the oil as you would any other mascara. A little goes a long way with this method so be careful that you don't apply too much or you'll get oil in your eyes. 

On a good note, if you do get oil in your eye, since it's organic it won't even burn. Some have said it's even great for allergy eyes so if you're suffering from dry, itchy eyes it may actually benefit you if you get a bit of oil in your eyes.

Use the oil on your eyelashes twice per day and don't wash it off. When you shower, apply it afterwards. This way your eyelashes are wet and the oil will seal in the moisture. 

Take Silica

Bamboo extract provides the body with 70% of your silica as opposed to Horsetail extract. If you don't know what these two plants have to do with growing eyelashes then I'm very happy to tell you that silica is what adds strength to hair, shine and softness to hair. Our bodies create it naturally and some produce more than others so it doesn't hurt to give your  body a boost.

Take a silica tablet once per day. It's a good idea to note that silica will also give you energy so it's probably best to take it in the morning before your start your day unless you plan on having a late night.

There are different forms of silica including crystals, powder, liquid and of course there are capsules and tablets. Silica vitamins are a lot easier to find and don't cost as much. I prefer the pills simply because I find that topical treatments aren't as effective.

Have patience and do this daily. If you choose to use the Bamboo extract vitamins then you'll see faster results than if you use the Horsetail extract because the latter only gives you 7% of silica.

You can expect to see results as soon as 2 weeks or as long as one month, but once you start to notice the change in your lashes, you're going to be able to ditch the mascara for good.


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