Partnering relationship

Partnering that works


   Partnering involves two or more people or
parties coming together to achieve a huge success. In life prospects and
endavours, many people had thrived to make progress and to meet up in life but
all to no avail. A lot of people have tried in numerous ways to invent one
thing or the other but after starting off for a while they dropped because they
have nobody to encourage or challenge them toward success.  A lot of things had been achieved through
partnering in businesses, inventions, manufacturing and services. Many
partnering that led to success are shown below.

Bill Henry William Gates and Paul Allen

  Bill Gates and Paul Allen were friends that started Microsoft
incorporation in the world. They started their friendship from lakeside school
and as a naïve students removed some bugs from a computer in trying to know it works.
Due to this reason four student including Paul Allen and bill gates were
suspended from using the computer for a specified time. After finishing from
there they went to different schools but later reunite to form Microsoft incorporation.

            Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak

    Steve jobs and Steve wozniak are  co-founder of Apple incorporation in the
1970s.They were both working for different organizations, after which they joined
together to found what we know today to be APPLE which is a brand name for many
products like computers,iphones,ipads and so on.

                Larry Page and Sergey brin

     Larry Page and Sergey brin are often dubbed
“Google Guys” they started their collaboration when they met at Stanford while
studying for their PhD. They discovered they have something in common and
started what today is known as GOOGLE. This company had brought both fame and
money to the duo due to their believe that two (2) heads are better than one.
They have also enriched a lot of people out there and many are really making
their ends meet from their existing programmes such as Google ad sense, Google ad
words and other advertizing tools.

                 David Filo and Jerry Yeng

     In January 1994, Jerry Yeng and David
filo both electrical students at Stanford university. They started “David and
jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” which was a directory of other websites
organized in a hierarchy. It was later renamed “yahoo” in April 1994 but the
domain was created on January 18, 1995.Yahoo stems from the name of a fictional
being from Gulliver’s travels.
   As known, yahoo serves as a very good means
of communication and it also serves in many ways as: email, yahoo messenger,
yahoo answer and many more.

    Much had been said and analyzed above; the kind of partner
needed to bring about positive change or result to a planned system depends on
how fervent and energetic a partner is. So there is need to watch out for a
partner to go in partnership with.