Your home or home office can be made extremely attractive when you store necessary items in an attractive way. Buying classy storage items from stores like Design Within Reach and Urban Outfitters is a great way to accomplish this. You will love coming home to your stylish interior that has all of your tidbits in stylish storage compartments. Here are two ideas for attractive storage solutions.

1. Cubitec Shelving
This designer unit is technically called Doron Lachisch's Cubitec Shelving. This design was made available in 2008 and took many fashion forward designers by storm. The look of this shelving unit lends itself to modern and classy. No matter what you put in this unit, it will look great. You can get this unit in a translucent white which will go with most decor. You can also go bold and purchase the orange colored unit. With this color, you can either go ultra modern or truly retro. Either way the look of style will be unmistakable.
This unit is made of very strong polypropylene. That means that family with young ones won't have to worry about this unit being easily destroyed. Even though the storage center is strong, it is very light weight and has a corrugated core. The unit is also strong enough to hold up to 55 pounds of your items in a classy and stylish manner.

2. Storage Ottoman

Many modern homes aren't using the normal means to store their items. It is trendy for furniture to double as storage. The storage ottoman is a good example. Not only is the design classic, it can go in every room from a teenagers bed room to the living room. This ottoman is tufted and comes in a very neutral color of charcoal. The material is very neutral as well and is made of a tweed-like woven fabric. The inside of the ottoman is lined and great for storing items that may get damaged in other types of storage.

The 16 inch height is a great measurement for both adults and youth alike to utilize. There are wooden feet on this ottoman to help protect it from damage. There is truly no need to store lounge wear or even plush baby toys out in the open when you have this really cool ottoman with a lined interior.

Today home furniture should do double duty. When you buy stylish storage options, you are able to live comfortably, but in style. Shopping at the right store will allow you a whole host of options to store your family's toys, collectibles and other treasures in a really classy way. You can even search the web for ideas on how other home owners are storing every day items in furniture that stands out. Make sure you don't neglect the foyer or entry way of the home. This area is an especially good area in which to place attractive storage solutions. No matter the size family you have, everyone will appreciate attractive options for home storage.