When you go to the pet store to buy leashes and collars for your dog, your selection is pretty limited. Not that Petco and other pet stores don't provide what we need for our dog, they do. But if we wanted to go a little above and beyond, we aren't likely to find it at our average pet shop. 

This is why we have the internet. Here are two online dog accessory stores that will give you a whole lot of bang for your buck. 

Dog Collar Boutique

Where Your Dog Gets His Bling On


Walk your dog with style is their motto, and they live up to their stylish motto. There isn't anything that you won't be pup to sport some Swarovski Crystal covered collars? You got it. able to find here for your designer dog. Do you like animal prints? No problem. Do you want your pup to sport Swarovski Crystal studded collars? You got it. Everything from Italian leather, Quartz beading, beaded, belted, ribboned, personalized, studded, spiked, couture and fashion; they've got it. 

Don't expect it to be cheap to deck your puppy out in the best of accessories. Prices range fromb(102695) $20.00 to $200.00 per item, with an average being around $60.00. 

The fun and fashion don't end there. Do you prefer harnesses to collars? Again, no problem. You can find royal studded harnesses ranging from $158.00 up to more than $300.00. 

If you happen to have a fashionably active dog, there are a range of outdoor collars to choose from. Whether it be Camo Couture, or waterproof everything you need is just a mouse click away. 

We can't forget special occasions. You can make sure your dog stays up to date with the seasons by getting him St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day gear. There is nothing too good for your precious friend at Dog Collar Boutique. 

If you've looked for a place to get something different for your dog, or as a gift to another dog owner, you'll find it here. 

Dog IDs: Personalized Dog Collars, Dog Tags, & Accessories

Where your dog can get his bling personalized


If you're more of a modest pet owner, you can go for Dog ID's merchandise instead. You're pup will stay fashionable, but where the Boutique is offering you high fashion, Dog ID's is more like one of the best stores in the mall. 

Also, the entire store is based on personalization, and they have some really awesome personalized dog collars and dog ID's. Dog ID's is a family owned business based in North Dakota, and they've been making personalized collars since 1999. 


Although they specialized in collars and high quality ID tags, they now do all kinds of personalized pet accessories, including engraved bowls and safety clothing.  They even have new pet memorial products such as engraved Urns and memorial rocks. 

Their prices are competitive, and I'm willing to bet that the quality is higher than that of a personalized ID tag you get from the engraver at PetsMart. 

My next ID's will definitely come from them. My collars too since I'm not as fashion savvy as some of my other pet owner friends. And since you get 10% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter, I figure I have nothing to lose.