For years people have been enamored by magic. They have watched in awe as magicians pulled coins out of thin air or made them disappear. And now you can wow people by learning how to perform these cool tricks yourself.

Obtaining a coin will be necessary to begin to learn how to perform magic tricks with coins. The type of coin that is used will vary depending on the personal preferences of the magician. A half dollar sized coin is recommended. However, you may use a regular coin or purchase a palming coin from a magic shop.

For the tricks explained below a few additional items will need to obtained. Find two duplicate coins. Both coins will be needed for one of the tricks. Additional items that will be required are: scotch tape, a hat and a glass tumbler.

Pull A Coin From Thin Air

The first thing you will need to be do is place a piece of scotch tape across your fingers on the inside of your hand. Make sure that the tape cannot be seen from the other side. Now place the coin firmly onto the tape.

Now you will hold up your hand naturally with only the front of your hand being seen. Reach up so that your hand will be out of site of your audience. You may place your hand under a table or behind someone's ear for this part of the trick. Once your hand is out of sight lip up the coin with your thumb. I will look as if the coin appeared from nowhere!

Drop A Coin Through A Hat

To begin this trick you will need to hold one of the coins in th palm of your hand using only the muscles. Start with the coin on your fingertips. Then place the coin in you palm keeping your thumb and index fingers together. This is called palming and will allow the coin to stay put.

Now pick up the hat and show it to your audience. As you place the hat down let the coin slide to your fingertips. Now place the hat onto the glass while placing the coin onto the lip of the glass. Allow the hat to hold the coin between the hat and the glass.

Now get the other coin and pretend to throw it straight into the hat. At the same time you need to gently and without being seen tap the hat with your other hand. The coin will drop into the glass. It will look like you threw the coin right through the hat!

Now that you know how to do magic tricks you can wow your friends and family.