If you slipped while on another’s property or were hit by a car, it is advisable that you take immediate legal action against the person at fault in the accident so that you will have a chance to be compensated for your injuries and other losses.


The judge or jury may enable you to recover monetary damages from the defendant if you were able to prove that the accident occurred due to his negligence. However, achieving this goal may be difficult, considering that you will need to gather and present evidence showing that the defendant was careless or he disregarded traffic rules.


Acquiring legal assistance from a Los Angeles personal injury attorney will increase your chances of having a successful case and recovering these two types of damages:


Punitive Damages


You may be entitled to recover punitive damages if the accident occurred because the defendant has performed an extremely careless action. It is awarded not only to help the victim, but also to punish the wrongdoer.


Compensatory Damages


Compensatory damages are given in the aim of “compensating” you for the losses that you incurred because of the accident or the injuries you sustained in it. The court may award them to you in order to make you complete again, at least in financial matters. 


Here are the different kinds of compensatory damages which may be awarded to you at the end of the case:


  • Loss of enjoyment of life- It may be given to you if your current condition prevents you from engaging in your usual daily activities.


  •  Medical treatment- It will cover the cost of your medical care, provided that your injury is caused by the accident. The money that will be provided to you may serve the reimbursement for the money that you have spent for your treatment. In addition, it will also cover the approximated cost of the treatment that you still need to acquire due to your condition.



  • Property loss- If your clothing, vehicle, or other possession was damaged due to the incident, you may be given financial assistance for the repair or replacement of such item.


  • Emotional distress- It may be awarded to you if you are suffering from anxiety or fear because of your involvement in the accident. Remember, accidents also cause psychological problems, not just physical injuries.


  • Pain and suffering- The court may award you with it if you suffered from serious discomfort or pain due to the incident and its aftermath.