Thousands of video games are available at online stores like and With the increasing network of gamers, several specialty games have appeared and many are now geared toward keeping the family up and moving (even if they are looking at the television). Here are two video games that get your family off the couch and moving around the living room.

1. Dance Dance Revolution

Perhaps one of the oldest games in the get-off-your-feet genre, Dance Dance Revolution is one of the most widely available and most identifiable games. You have probably seen Dance Dance Revolution at your local mall arcade; you can't miss the bright square foot buttons and the thumping bass of the dance music. The great news is, Dance Dance Revolution is available for home purchase as well; there are numerous titles for Playstation One, PS2, and PS3, XBox and XBox 360, and even Gamecube and Wii.

Some specialty versions of the title are compatible with the Playstation EyeToy and Playstation Move. Just plug in the dance mat, turn on your game system, and get ready to dance! The skill levels range from very simple on-the-beat steps to immensely complex syncopated steps and calorie-burning high-speed routines.

Many copies of Dance Dance Revolution even come with Workout Modes, which count calories and have options to turn off some of the more difficult steps to perform, allowing you to get fit and still have fun and dance. DDR at home or in the arcade is available with two dance pads, allowing the family to compete against each other or simply enjoy the game at the same time. The options are endless; the exercise is practically a sport.

2. Wii Fit

The Nintendo Wii was manufactured with the interactive family in mind, so you will find many titles for the Wii that encourage getting off the couch and moving all over the living room! One of the best titles for the system is Wii Fit, which comes complete with the Wii Balance Board. The Balance Board can detect which direction the player is leaning in and can allow you to improve your balance by offering feedback.

Wii Fit has a daily routine which measures your balance skills and can show your family how they are improving over time. This is only the beginning, however. Wii Fit has numerous real world exercise routines for the gym-minded, such as calisthenics and yoga, and many fun games for the gamer who wants to move around, such as the Super Hula Hoop. Records are recorded, so everyone can strive to beat the family records. The Wii Fit has much less impact than Dance Dance Revolution, so it is a better choice for anyone with a physical limitation, such as a bad knee.