Enjoying Brighton on a limited budget

3 attractions/sights to visit

Brighton, United Kingdom, on the south coast of Great Britain, emerged as a health and spa center during the Eighteenth century. It became the chosen day-trip place to go for people seeking a break from the city in the mid-1800s when rail service began operating to Brighton center.

It has continued to grow, even as the town has had its ups and downs, and has recently re-emerged as a popular summer destination. There are amount of cheap, fun things to do along the coast and in the city itself.

1. Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier is great for the family traveling with limited funds. The pier offers food, drinks, amusement rides, along with a large arcade, and stays open all year long, with longer operating hours throughout the summer. Set right against the water, it is able to feel like an old-fashioned boardwalk with modern amenities. Entrance to the pier itself is free and food and drinks prices vary. 

Cost: Free

2. Devil’s Dyke

Do not be fooled by the name, this large, grassy valley is managed by the National Trust, and is the perfect spot for sunbathing, picnicking, group sports, and other leisure time activities. There are multiple bus, train, and rail options to the Dyke during the day. Less crowded than Brighton’s beaches, Devil’s Dyke offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and is a well liked place for kite-flying and hang-gliding enthusiasts. Carrying your lunch or dinner is recommended, as there are not many restaurants or pubs on the grasslands. 

Cost: Free

3. Sussex Eco Trail Tour

A two-hour guided tour that explores the ecology of the grasslands and the South Downs, the Sussex Eco Trail tour is essential for those people interested in the ways in which humans have affected the area environment. A calm touring experience, the walk is aimed at education rather than exercise, and is enjoyable for a wide range of ages. Walks are available on weekend morning and early afternoons, and can be scheduled during the week.

Cost: 10 GBP for adults and 5 GBP for children under 12

From the Brighton pier

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