There are two great chain steak houses that I love to dine at--Longhorn Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse.  Both are great restaurants, but are quite different from each other. The food is similar, but certain items on each menu make that restaurant better than the other. Also, depending on what type of dining environment you are looking for will help make your decision on which to dine at.
Longhorn Steakhouse is great if you want a quiet meal.  Texas Roadhouse is booming with music and line dancing waitresses.  Longhorn does have some music, but is still much quieter than Texas Roadhouse.  So for date night, Longhorn is the best choice. For a dinner with the kids, Texas Roadhouse wins.
The best appetizer on any menu is the blooming onion.  The winner in this category has to be the Roadhouse.  They use fresh onions as opposed to Longhorn who uses frozen onion pieces. Roadhouse uses whole onions, which is much more appetizing than onion pieces.  The house salads at both restaurant are equally as delicious. Both restaurants offer a vast range of dressings to choose from.  Texas Roadhouse also puts a bucket of peanuts right on the table and you can throw the shells right on the floor.  It doesn’t change my view since I don’t eat peanuts, but for those who do like peanuts, this is something Longhorn does not offer.  Both restaurants offer bread on the table before your meal.  Longhorn offers a rye bread, while Roadhouse offers a better roll with cinnamon butter.
The hamburgers and steak are also equally as good at both restaurants.  Both restaurants offer great side dishes like loaded mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables and fries.  In my opinion, Texas Roadhouse has slightly better steak fries than Longhorn.  As for chicken baskets, Longhorn, in my opinion, has a much better chicken baskets.  
In conclusion, both restaurants are worth dining out at. If you want a quiet, more intimate meal choose Longhorn.  If you are watching the game with your buddies or have the kids in tow, Texas Roadhouse is a far better choice. If your going just for appetizers, Roadhouse is the better restaurant.  If you’re a fan of chicken but your date likes steak, I think Longhorn would be a better place to dine.  Check them out for yourself and see which you prefer.  I would love to hear what everyone else thinks of these two great steakhouses.