Ural Motorcycles are a Russian manufacturer of motorcycles. Ural Motorcycles are known for the side cars. Ural Motorcycles do not just have a side car added but the side car is a functional part of the Ural motorcycle. If you are riding through some mud or deep snow you can activate the wheel on the sidecar. The on demand side car wheel allows you to drive through slop that would hinder a Harley Davidson's forward movement.

Ural Patrol MotorcycleUral Motorcycles are not the fastest motorcycles in the world but they are not designed too be. If you are going to the store to buy groceries there is no need to leave your bike at home. The Ural sidecars will have ample room for all of the groceries you buy.

If you live in an area where it snows a lot there is no need to put your motorcycle in the garage for the winter time. The Ural motorcycles with the on demand side car wheel have plenty of power and are allow you to ride your Ural motorcycle in the winter on snow, ice, or even muddy side roads.

Ural has a variety of motorcycles. The on demand side car is available on some of there motorcycles. The current model line up for Ural motorcycles are varied.

2WD Sport Utility Motorcycles

The 2WD Sport Utility Motorcycles from Ural include the on demand side car.

  • Patrol 750 ($12,999)
  • Gear Up 750 ($13,599)
  • Sahara ($13,949)

Family Recreational Vehicles

The Family Recreational Vehicles from Ural Motorcycles are motorcycles with an integrated side car but the side car does not have the ability to be powered like the 2wd Sports Utility motorcycles do. They cost less. These two motorcycles from Ural look amazing but if you are looking to buy a Ural motorcycle then I suggest you take a look at the motorcycles that have the on demand side car option.

  • Tourist 750 ($11,499)
  • Retro 750 ($13,999)
  • Ural T ($9,999)
  • Red October ($12,999) Limited Edition


The only motorcycle that does not come with a side car is the Wolf 750. It has the shape of a traditional American cruiser but instead of a V-Twin engine this bike has a four stoke flat twin cylinder engine. This motorcycle is flat out ugly. You can see a lot of lines running off the engine which can easily catch on to something and rip off. The bike is ugly and with a retail price of $10,899 it is over priced. For about the same amount of money as the Wolf 750 you can pick up a Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide.

If you are looking for a unique bike that you can ride year round then consider buying a Ural motorcycle with an on demand side car. If you are looking for a traditional styled motorcycle without a side car then your only choice with URAL is the Wolf 750. The Wolf 750 is one of the ugliest and most overpriced motorcycles on the market. On the other hand the Ural motorcycles with on demand side cars can last for many years, look great, and will allow you too ride year round if you desire. The Ural motorcycles are considered street legal ATVs. Quit following the crowd and get off you Harley and onto a Ural motorcycle with an on demand side car.