Three man teams are the most common for new players wanting to start a team. Usually you can have yourself and a couple friends get together for a local tournament on occasion, but if you are not experienced in paintball you may not know any strategies useful in airball. There are many different strategies that you can use to quickly eliminate your opponents and move on to the next match. This article will highlight two of these techniques.

Before talking about the specific strategy, there are a few basics that apply to all play. First, if a player near the tape is eliminated the center player must move in and fill their position. You need to keep the sides filled so that the other team won't run up and flank your team. Secondly, communicate as much as possible. Make sure everyone knows how many players are left on both teams, and where they are. Leave no room for error! If you end up outnumbered with only one player left, get them moving right away. If they are in the snake they need to get out. Finally, never cheat in a tournament. It is very likely you will be caught by a ref and a penalty can cost you a game.

The first strategy starts with breaking to the corners. Have the center player shoot a lane right off the get-go while the other two run and gun to the corners. From the corners, put a lane over the bunkers the other team was running to in case they over-slide. After that, keep them pinned down and wait for them to make a mistake. Generally, the next player to make an aggressive move will be eliminated. Keep holding them tight until there is one left. Once you have that one player outnumbered, move up and take them out. If you end up being outnumbered 3 to 2, hold your ground and try to even out the numbers. Keep talking with your team!

The second strategy has a more aggressive approach. Have the center player move up a little from the break while laning over the snake or towards the other center player. This depends on the layout of the field, if the center player has an open lane to the snake then take it, but if there is an open lane to the center then take that instead. Have another player dive into the snake, and the other to the dorrito side. If either of these players can run and gun well, make sure they do it. Play to your strengths. As you get to your bunkers, keep pushing up and pressure the other team into their bunkers. Push up and end the game as fast as you can. Keep talking with your team.