Traditionally street photography has revolved around getting up close and personal with your subjects. Many street photography purists reject the idea that street photography can be done with a long zoom lens. Here are some examples of 300 street photography in which the photographer is not necessarily up close and personal with the subject. 300 Street Zoom Photography is all about the person.


300 Street PhotographyCredit: Author

You can use a 300mm Zoom lens at full zoom and still have direct contect with the subject as you are taking the picture. I have numerous examples of eye contact with subjects as I take images, even though it may be from a distance. 

Street Photography at ParkCredit: Author

A bokah does not have to be circular and intense to by beautiful. The Blurred background on this image helps to focus the attention on the primary subject. Traditional street photography involves being able to see the scenes and background going on around the primary subject. In 300 Street photography you can think of it more as a portrait style shot done from a distance. Backgrounds can be included, but typically 300 street photography  is only about the focus of the main subject, everything else can become irrelevant.


Patriotic ParadeCredit: Author

Parades are a great place to practice 300 street style street photography. You have the people and animals in the parade as well as the audience lined up along the streets to view the parade.

Tractor Driver Photography 300 Street Style with DSLRCredit: Author


300 Street Style Photography is a greta way to get a cool portrait style image that is not possible in a traditional photography studio.

Street PhotographyCredit: Author

300 Street photography can take many forms. In this example we see 3 subjects, with two of them being primary. What are the kids looking for? Obviously this is a parade, but out of context you may not know. The wondering of the picture and the meaning behind it is like a good song. It does not matter what the artists intends, it is all about how you personally interpet the topic to fit your own life.

Street Photography at FairCredit: Author

This type of photography can encourage the viewer to be curious as to what the primary subject is thinking about.

Street Photo 300 WomanCredit: Author

The results of 300 Street photography can be greatly enhanced using Photoshop CS5

Black and White Street PhotographyCredit: Author

A black and white conversion of your 300 street photography images can help to bring out the gritty details of the image.

Patriotic Couple at ParadeCredit: Author

By not approaching your subjects you can choose whether you want them to see you or not. Sometimes it is nice to catch subjects in a photo where they do not see you so you can see them in their natural states. If a subject sees a camera they may pan, pose, or run: but either way you may not get a natural looking shot if the subject is aware of you.

Traditional street photography is an awesome discipline, but I feel that 300mm street photography is going to be one of the hottest trends to over take photography in many years. It is not new, yet it is awfully refined. You can see more 300mm street photography on the web by many different photographers.