30GB Zune Review

30GB Zune Review

As far as MP3 players go, Microsoft's 30GB Zune is a very good choice. This 30GB Zune review will cover the product's specifications, features, and general consensus among consumers who have purchased it.

Technical Specifications

The 30GB Zune offers the following specifications:
  • 30GB of memory space, which equates to approximately 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures, or 100 hours of video
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • 3-inch color screen
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds

30GB Zune Features

What does the Zune MP3 player offer? How is it different than other MP3 players like Apple's massively popular iPod? Here are some of the main features:
  • Sharing - The ability to hold the device in your hand and share music and photos wirelessly with other Zune devices is what makes Zune unique from its competitors.
  • FM Tuner - One criticsm of the iPod is that, while you can download podcasts and music, you can't actually listen to the radio. Zune allows you to listen to all of your local FM stations.
  • Marketplace - Through Zune's marketplace, you can download from a selection of millions of songs, which can be purchased individually. Or if you prefer, you can pay one flat fee for a subscription that allows you to download as many songs as you want.
  • Compatibility with Accessories - There are many accessories to choose from that allow you to listen to your Zune in your car, in your home, or while you're traveling.

Customer Feedback

Here are some things that actual customers have said about the 30GB Zune:
  • The sound quality is really good, but the headphones that come with the device aren't high quality. You should purchase an additional (higher quality) set of headphones or earbuds to hear the high quality audio that Zune devices offer.
  • The Zune Marketplace is terrible. It's ugly looking and users can't review albums. Furthermore, any songs purchased can only be played on Zune devices.
  • Although the 30GB Zune is easy to use and has a great battery life, but there are a lot of random bugs. One customer plugged in the USB sync cable and it actually got stuck inside of the device. On multiple occasions, the firmware needed to be reinstalled because it was malfunctioning.
  • Most people agree that Zune offers a better "bang for your buck" when compared to an equivalent iPod.
Hopefully this 30GB Zune review has helped you make a purchasing decision. Remember - in the fast paced world of technology, products are quickly outdated, so it's best not to invest too heavily in any device that may become obsolete shortly.