Is someone you know been married almost 30 years?.. and now you need a 30 year anniversary gift idea?

So what do you get someone for 30 years of marriage? Below are a few quick tips to help you decide.


If there are other family members also trying to figure out what to get for 30 year anniversary gifts, then why not get together, and rather than buying them a lot of individual gifts, that they may not need, why not pool your money and get them a weekend away, such as an Inn or something they can drive to, and not have to take time off of work if they don't want to. This would make a great gift for the couple who has everything, and a great way to celebrate a 30 year anniversary.

Event Tickets

If the lucky couple love sports, get them tickets to the game, or if they love the theatre, and have been meaning to go, get them tickets. You can pool your money for something like this also. 30 year anniversary gift ideas, may just need a bit of thought. But most people who have been married that long, probably don't need new dishes or sheets! But getting them event tickets will make for a memorable time. They will love this 30 year anniversary gift idea.


If they have told everyone they don't want gifts, then give them a party! Get a few friends and relatives together, and have a great barbeque, and you also do the clean up. If it is nice weather you can rent picnic areas at your local parks, for a large barbeque. If not, maybe look into renting a small hall or room, for a party. They are the honored guests and they don't have to clean up.

Make sure you put disposable cameras at the tables or around the room, and have all the guests take pictures of the evening or afternoon, and then make the pictures into an album.


Create a video for them of the party. Make sure to go around and talk to all the guests, this is a great 30 year anniversary gift idea. This was done for us, and I treasure it. All the friends and family on one DVD it is priceless.


You can get beautiful pearl like frames, for some of these party pictures. Since pearl is the stone for 30th wedding anniversaries.

Frame an Old Wedding Photo

Get a wedding photograph from the wedding album, which may be put away somewhere, and frame one of the pictures in a beautiful frame. This gets it out of the dusty closet and out in view. It is not something they may have thought to do, so if you can get a hold of an old wedding photo this is a also a great 30 year anniversary gift idea.

Family Picture

If the couple have children whether grown or small, get them all together for a professional photographer to take a good picture and have it framed.

Honeymoon Trip

If it can be afforded, send the couple back to the same place they went on their honeymoon. This would make a great 30 year anniversary gift. If they never got around to a honeymoon, then send them on one now.

30 Years is quite the accomplishment. It should be celebrated by all.

If money is tight and you want to acknowledge a 30 year anniversary, then get creative. You could create a scrapbook for them, create a video of the party celebrations, or offer to do some chore for them. There are many ways to celebrate 30 years of marriage.