A Brand New Decade

Women who turn 30 have a whole new list of challenges and realities they have to face during the next decade. This is the decade the biological clock starts ticking, so if any hopes of bearing children are present, now's the time to start planning. Also, you better find out whether you enjoy your career as well. Because if not, you're still young enough to change it. Besides, you probably have a better idea what your strengths and weakness are now, so would be better at choosing a new career than you were when you graduated college (It's estimated that people change careers about four to seven times in their lives, so use this decade to find the one that's right for you!). There are plenty of other challenges that arise in this decade, but you still want to celebrate all the progress you've made and all the challenges you've overcome during the last one. So if you're hosting an event for a women and you need some 30th birthday ideas, here are a few that might help you get things going.

Surprise Party

Have these gone out of style? No, they haven't. If she's never experienced a surprise party, then that'd be an even greater reason to do one of these and would be a great 30th birthday idea. She'll never expect it. You could do this a couple of different ways. You could ask her to eat with you at a restaurant, days before the party, but when she gets there the place is packed with friends and family. You'll get a better reaction if the surprise birthday party isn't exactly on her birthday - you can bet she won't be expecting anything. You could also just ask her to meet at your house to hang out for a bit and have a surprise waiting for her there. If you're a co-worker planning a party in an office type establishment, after work hours entice her to go to the cafeteria with you and shock the pants off of her with other co-workers, family and friends waiting to celebrate her 30th birthday party. Of course, you would know the perfect way to surprise her if you're a long time friend or a family member and you've been given the task of planning the event. Just think outside the box and try to imagine what you think she wouldn't expect.

Lavish Her

You could also host a spa party for the guest of honor. Pamper her with massages, mud baths and facials to get everyone rejuvenated and refreshed. There are a few different ways you can go about doing this. If you want to keep it simple, you could just plan one at your house (it could be a surprise spa party too) . Have it out on the deck with scented candles and soft music playing. Maybe hire a masseuse to make a house call. Arrange recliners to be spaced out on the deck with white towels at each station. Near the recliners would be lotions, facial creams, wine and homemade snacks on a table. The snacks could include something nutritional like a chicken salad wrap along with sweets like cookies or brownies. You could also research some recipes from the Food Network for other spa related foods, one interesting recipe I found was for a Spa Cucumber Smoothie. If you have the funds available, it'd be nice to travel to a popular spa location whether it be cross country or over the ocean. Maybe pick a location with a lot of sightseeing landmarks to make it full travel experience. A few of the best spa hotels include the California Health & Longevity Institute where you get a fitness center, spa and hotel all in one place. They specialize in health and wellness with experts from various fields to help you achieve your personal health goals. Other places include Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach, Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa in Australia and Zamani Retreat Kempinski in Zanzibar. If she enjoys traveling, vacating to one of these destinations would make for a great 30th birthday idea.

safety dance

Theme Party

If she's big into themes, then of course you'd want to have one for her 30th birthday. Whether she wants a Diva themed party with zebra printed decorations and a three-tier zebra designed cake, or if she enjoyed the 80s you'd theme the event around that. Everyone would come dressed in their best 80s costume and all the best music from that era would be played for a nice dance party "Safety Dance" comes to mind). A theme can help with gifts as well, you could ask everyone to give 30th birthday gifts for her that are all thematic. Just taking note what she's most passionate about would be the theme you'd choose for her party.

Something to look Forward Too

Whichever idea you choose, be sure to give it a personal touch to add a bit more meaning to the event. Only the person planning the party knows her routine and knows what'll get her excited. Giving her something to remember on her 30th birthday, as well as something to look forward to on her 40th will make you the go-to party planner for all other events.