The Right Invites

A 30th birthday party should be fun, lively and match the personality of the individual reaching the milestone event. But to help get people excited about your party, you'll need the right invitations. Usually these give people a first glimpse of what kind of party you're hosting. Whether you plan on club surfing, a trip to a favorite travel destination or keeping it simple at a nice restaurant, the invitation will give people a heads up and get them excited. Check out a few theme ideas and ways you can send your birthday party invitations.

divaCredit: amazon

Zebra Printed Invites

If you feel you're a Diva, then zebra designed invites with hot pink and black are a great way to decorate your invitations. You could make them your own if you have a creative leaning, but there are plenty to be found online. Zazzle has plenty of designs you can view that'll help give your party that larger than life feel so synonymous to the Diva personality.

Traditional Invites

Of course, you can always go formal with your invitations if hosting it at a nice restaurant or if it's being catered. This would be great if the person being celebrated is well-cultured and enjoys fine dining. Not everyone wants to party with dancing and loud music.

Travel Invites

If you were planning on traveling to a foreign country - maybe say Florence, Italy or Paris, France - it'd be a good idea to send themed invitations with those countries in mind to your guests. You can either make them at home with invitation making software, or find some from online retailers. A safari themed invite would be great if heading to Africa; maybe an invite designed as a postcard from Australia will get people excited about the great Outback; you can also find some that look like postcards. It's more than likely you won't have any trouble finding a themed invitation that matches whatever destination you're going to, but if you do, you can always get creative and make your own.

Digital Invites

In the digital age we're living, a lot of people send and receive information via the Internet. Evite is a popular website you can easily send free customized invitations to the emails of your guests. You can be assured pretty much everyone has an email address, especially if all your guests are around your age. They have many designs that'll get people excited about the great 30th birthday party you're planning. Facebook is another way to get people informed about your event.

Find the Right Invitation

If it's not your birthday you're planning but someone elses, you'd want surprise party invitations that'll keep the guests in the loop and the guest-of-honor clueless. But whatever kind of party you're planning, whether it's for you or a friend, there are many invitations that are suited for your event. All it takes is a bit of searching or, if you're making them yourself, creativity.

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