Over the years, there have been tons of 350 Honda four wheelers. This refers to the size of the engine, in cubic centimeters, although there is a fair amount of rounding off. In other words, the current 329cc Rancher falls into this class size of ATV. This is common with all manufacturers and is pretty standard stuff. The engine "class" the unit falls in can vary by as much as 30 cc's or more, in some cases. This can make finding information on 350 Honda four wheelers a little more difficult.

Since the company has been around so long, I really wanted to take a little walk down memory lane and remember some of the 350 Honda four wheelers that have hit the market over the years. It's sort of hard, since some of the models, like the TRX have taken so many twists and turns, to the point where the originals didn't resemble the more current model quads. For this article, I plan on throwing in a curve ball or two and including info on the Odyssey and the ATC market.  If you are looking for something a little smaller, check out the list of the best entry level ATV's of all time.

The Rancher

This model has been around for several years now, and is available in several sizes, not just the 350cc class, although that's the one I'll focus on for this article. It's one of the most well recognized of all the 350 Honda four wheelers, with what is now considered "classic" styling (perhaps because there have not been significant body style designs for several years now. Generally considered a midsized ATV by today's standards, this quad is a great fit for just about anyone looking to ride the trails or do some work around the yard. While the engine is actually a 329cc, it does provide decent power and speed, suitable for most users.

This size ATV was as big as they came at one point in time. They can be used for heavy work, like plowing snow, but most would agree it would be best to use a slightly larger model for that. It's the most current of the 350 Honda four wheelers.  You won't get this from knock off atv manufacturers.


This was more of a utility model ATV of yesterday, but it certainly belongs on the list of 350 Honda four wheelers that should be looked at. It was, like most quads back in the day, physically smaller than most of the utility type ATV's out there today. The slightly smaller size made it weigh less, which in turn made it easy to control and handle. The speed was surprising for engine size by the accounts of most riders. Made in the 80's and 90's, these 350 Honda four wheelers were very reliable.  These were made just after they making three wheeled ATC's.

The units actually survived and were made into the early 2000's (in a slightly different form), making it the longest lasting of all the 350 Honda four wheelers. While the styles changed rather significantly, the quality was apparent during all the model years. The TRX name was almost considered generic after a while, since it was used to describe so many models that were very clearly different from each other. It's one of the 350 Honda four wheelers you just have to talk about, if for no other reason, longevity.

The Foreman

Back in the late 80's this was considered to be a real beat of an ATV. This was one of the very best of the 350 Honda four wheelers you could get. In fact, they are still around on the trails today. While the Foreman is still around, the engine size is substantially larger, now the 500cc class. Still, this unit helped to pave the way for the others.

The styling has changed quite a bit over last couple of decades, along with the engine and chassis sizing, but the Foreman is remembered by many ATV enthusiasts as one of the best 350 Honda four wheelers you could ever buy. The sheer length of time the model has survived, even if altered, is nothing short of amazing.

The FourTrax

These were around in the 80's and 90's. They are still out on the trails today and deserve to be mentioned in great detail on any list of the best 350 Honda four wheelers. These were the precursors to many of the utility ATV's you see on the trails today.

The FourTrax series is well recognized by just about anyone even remotely interested in the quad industry. Those looking at the best of the 350 Honda four wheelers will likely be very familiar with these units. You'll still find plenty of them for sale in the classifieds section, or at online auctions.  Like the old Big Red ATC, these were built to last.

The Odyssey

This was actually a 4 wheeled go kart, but I'm counting in the list of 350 Honda four wheelers. In my opinion, it fits the bill. This one came out in 1985, but surprisingly, you don't see as many of these as you would expect. This was due, at least in part, to the engine having issues with overheating. The Odyssey FL350 wasn't the first fun at the go kart market made by Honda, they made an FL250 as well, years ahead of the 350cc model. This was one of the most fun of all the four wheelers you could possibly imagine.

While the model was only made for a couple of years, there is still a huge cult-like following for these sweet quads. It's perhaps the most fun looking of all the 350 Honda four wheelers. If you have a chance to pick one up, I suggest you do it. You'll love it.  Plus, it's easy to find out what your atv is worth, before you make a purchase.

ATC 350x

This really isn't a Honda four wheeled ride, it's a three wheeler. Still, I'm putting it on the list since the engine was used to help get the quad industry up and moving. This unit was only made from 85-87, until the ban was placed on the manufacture of three wheeled ATC's in the U.S. Still, it was so far ahead of its time that it just had to make the list of the best 350 Honda four wheelers, even though it doesn't really fit the criteria.