Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts

Becoming familiar with the keyboard shortcuts for your browser can save you a lot of time with your online activity's.While some keyboard shortcuts are universal and work with all browsers FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera have their own shortcuts specific to their browser.

Here we will look at the 35 most useful keyboard shortcuts for Mozilla FireFox.You may not need to learn them all but you should be able to pick a few that will make your time online much more productive.I'm sure you will be surprised at some of the functions quickly available with the click of a button !

If You Are An Internet Explorer User Here Are 20 Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts.

Using A KeyBoard Shortcut - Press and hold the first key then press the second key once, for example to use the first shortcut in the list you would click and hold Ctrl and press N once.For the rare shortcuts that require three keys press and hold the first two and press the third once.

Why not use one of the first two shortcuts to open a new window or tab and try out some of the options as you go.

35 Top FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Ctrl+N - Open a new window

2. Ctrl+T - Open A New Tab In The Current Window

3. Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 - Close The Window Or Tab Your Currently Using

4. Ctrl+R or F5 - Refresh The Current Page Your On

5. Ctrl+F5 orCtrl+Shift+R - Refresh the page your on with override cache

6. Ctrl + O - Open File

7. Alt+Home - Go To Your Homepage

8. F1 - Get FireFox Help

9. F11 - Remove Top And Bottom Bars And Use Full Screen Mode

10. Esc - Exit Full Screen For Example With YouTube Video, Also Used To Stop Or Quit

11. Ctrl+U - View The Source Of And Web Page

12. Ctrl+I or Ctrl+B - Open A List Of Your Bookmarks In A Sidebar On The Left Of Your Screen

13. Ctrl +P - Opens Print This Page Options

14. Ctrl+A - Select/Highlight All Content On A Page

15. Alt + Up Arrow or Alt + Down Arrow - Open List of available Search Engine

16. Ctrl+D - Opens Options To Bookmark A Page

17. Ctrl+F - Opens A Search Bar To Search A Page

18. Ctrl+G or F3 - Skips To The Next Matching Result When Using The Search Bar Above

19. Ctrl+H - Opens Your Recent History In A Sidebar On The Left Of Your Screen

20. Ctrl+J - Open The Downloads Window

21. Ctrl+Z - Undo Your Last Action

22. Ctrl + Y or Ctrl + Shift + Z - Re-Do The Action

23. Ctrl+C - Copy Highlighted Content To Your Clipboard

24. Ctrl+V - Paste Copied Content From Your Clipboard

25. Ctrl + Shift + Delete - Clear All Private Data

26. F7 - Open FireFox In Caret Mode

27. Backspace or Alt+Left Arrow - Go Back Or Delete

28. Ctrl + O - Open A File

29. Shift+Backspace or Alt+Right Arrow - Go Forward Or Move

30. Alt + Enter - Open The Page You Are Currently On In A New Tab

31. Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab - Move To The Next Tab

32. Ctrl+ "+" or Ctrl+ Scroll up - Zoom In

33. Ctrl+ "-" or Ctrl+ Scroll Down - Zoom Out

34. Ctrl+ 0 (Zero) - Return To Default From Zoom Mode

35. Ctrl + L or ALT + D - Select URL In Address Bar

While some of these shortcuts will work with all browsers most are FireFox specific.

How Many Do You Use Or How Many New Keyboard Shortcuts Did You Find In The List ?