Construction companies, demolition specialists and military operators need to find 35 to 40 ton wreckers for sale in order to complete projects requiring the destruction of structures that have outlived their usefulness. The purpose of portable wreckers such as heavy wrecker trucks is to move to a project site, assist in demolishing old buildings or rubbish and sometimes even assist in hauling away the debris that results. Mega wreckers are for sale by major manufacturing companies and workers have come to rely on name brands such as Peterbilt wreckers and Mac demolition trucks. 

Heavy 40 ton wrecker for sale

Above we see a heavy wrecking truck slated for military use. It features a 3 stage boom (the extending arm that actually supports the wrecking ball itself) and is capable of delivering crushing blows that can level entire walls in seconds.

Industrial 35 and 40 ton wrecking balls are so-called because the wrecking ball they swing weighs that much. The larger and heavier the ball, the more damage it is capable of doing in the least amount of time. Wrecking ball trucks are prized for their mobility: they can get to and from a work site quickly and without a lot of the logistic issues brought about by more advanced machinery.

Wreckers are also excellent tools of destruction because they can operate in comparatively confined areas, reducing the risk of collateral damage to non work-site buildings and property. This can help to reduce their operators' liability and reduce the concerns of neighborhoods and property owners in close proximity to the demolition site. 

Although precision explosive demolitions are possible, a mega wrecker truck can usually get the job done more quickly and with less overall manpower, especially for small to medium structures. By use of its powerful swinging crane and some basic physics, even mobile wrecking platforms are capable of delivering devastating blunt force attacks to reduce large buildings to a pile of rubble. 

Wrecking equipment is also ideal for situations in which the ground layer of the building's foundation must be preserved. Chemical based explosive demolitions can tarnished or pollute a sensitive construction site, whereas ball-based wreckers will simple break down the materials into lesser pieces that can be hauled away from the site. 

Buying 40 Ton Wreckers 

Purchasing a piece of industrial equipment as large as a wrecking ball vehicle requires that you directly contact to manufacturer in order to arrange payment and delivery. For example, you can contact wrecker truck companies like Mack, directly in order to inquire as to the prices of their demolition machinery. 

Depending on the make and model of the 35 or 40 ton wrecker you're trying to buy, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 and more. For this reason, it's highly recommended you go directly to the manufacturer in order to arrange a purchase when you want to buy a 40 ton wrecker for use in construction or demolition projects.