I spent an entire afternoon looking for the perfect 36DD strapless bra, and found some really great ones that I want to share with everyone, especially those who have been frustrated by the lack of products in this bust size.

As you've probably already noticed, there aren't a lot of options for women looking for a strapless bra if their chest size is bigger than a small C cup. Heck, most of the ones I found pretty much catered exclusively to the A and B cups. And I suppose that is to be expected, since the sheer physics of keeping larger breasts supported makes taking a strap off much more complicated. But still, the fact that hardly anyone offered these made me grit my teeth and make a very unhappy face.

I was first made aware of how hard it is to shop for this bust size in general a few months ago when I went searching for a perfect bra for my size 36dd girlfriend. In fact, if you're looking for a regular bra in this size, feel free to check out Sexy 36dd Bras, it's another article I wrote that sums up my favorite items from that search.

But anyway, let's get back to the topic at hand. After asking around, I found out that most women who wear larger sizes usually only wear bras without straps when they are wearing a dress or outfit that's open at the shoulders. And rather than ruining the look or "lines" of the ensemble with bra straps, it's better to wear something that doesn't have them at all. However, keeping the chest supported can not be compromised. And that's why finding one of these in sizes larger than a B or C is very difficult, as most designers and manufacturers haven't figured out how to properly support the bust without straps.

And then there's the subject of sexiness. No matter what utilitarian purpose any piece of clothing has, most women want to feel sexy, especially when it comes to underwear. There's a certain level of confidence that comes with knowing you're wearing a sexy piece of intimate underwear - or so my girlfriend and every other woman I spoke with about this says.

Where To Find 36DD Strapless Bras?

So my challenge was to find a sexy strapless 36dd bra that provided excellent support. I spent most of my time on the Internet, but I did also shop throughout my city's shops as well. By and large, I found that the best selection and prices were online. So if you're in the market, I'd highly consider looking on the Internet first.

That said, it's always a good idea to try on a bra before buying it. So if you have the opportunity to try on a particular brand at a local store, then buy it online, I'd recommend that. If not, make sure you buy from an online merchant who allows returns or exchanges should the product you order not fit your body in the right way, or doesn't provide the support you need.

Here's what I found. Hopefully you'll find this list useful in your own search.

Lilyette Convertible Strapless Minimizer

Lilyette 36DD Strapless BraThis Lilyette Strapless Minimizer Bra Is Only $25-$35 Here At Amazon. I really liked the way this particular bra looked, and the overwhelming amount of positive customer feedback helped make up my mind. This is the exact bra I bought for my girlfriend, and she seems very happy with it. She's already worn it a couple of times, usually underneath some of her dresses that she rarely wears out because she couldn't keep herself properly supported underneath them.

As an added bonus, this bra does come with straps, so converting it back to a "regular" kind is very easy. You can also add the "criss-cross" strap effect if you like.

From a male perspective, I must admit that it really made my girlfriend radiate. I'm attributing half of that to the shape and support it provided and the way the dress fit her, but I'm attributing the other half to the confidence that was literally beaming out of her. I don't know if it was the bra itself, the way it made her feel or simply the ability to wear one of her favorite dresses without worrying about straps. But either way, I like it!

The reviews on Amazon were inline with what she told me. Things like "It provides great support without digging in" and "It holds a great shape without squishing or drooping."

Read More Reviews Or Buy This Bra At Amazon.com


Panache 36DD Strapless BraPanache makes some great fitting and looking bras, especially for "larger" sizes. (As an aside, I think it's completely dumb that anything bigger than a C cup is considered a "Plus Size" in the eyes of the fashion and clothing industries).

However, Panache doesn't seem to have a very big selection of strapless types. It took me some looking around before I found any (though their regular ones are amazing!). Personally, I found this bra a little bland and, dare I say it, "Lunch Lady Like." When I asked some of my gal friends about the ones they buy, they almost all directed me towards this one. They seem to like it fine, but it doesn't look very sexy to me. But I'm just a guy, so don't take my word for it!

Frederick's Of Hollywood

Frederick's 36DD Strapless BraFrederick's Of Hollywood always has some great stuff, and is a great place for a guy like me to spend some quality time on "research." The company certainly has some amazing looking products, but I couldn't help but notice that the strapless and convertible bra section was pretty sparse in the D and DD sizes. But what they did have looked very sexy and feminine.

However, it seemed like these products were catered towards the "Lingerie" side of underwear rather than "Daily Use" like I wanted. I later asked my girlfriend about Frederick's and she validated what I had thought. So if you're looking for some super sexy intimate apparel, you'll definitely want to check out Frederick's Of Hollywood (www.Fredericks.com), but if you're looking for a supportive undergarment capable of wearing out of the bedroom, you should probably keep looking...

Victoria's Secret

Sadly, I couldn't find a single strapless bra at Victoria's Secret in size 36DD. There were plenty in size D, but no double D's. And believe me, I looked EVERYWHERE on that site (it's all in the name of "research," right...?). Honestly, I was a little bummed out, because VS is where my girlfriend normally buys her bras anywhere, since there is a store in our local shopping mall.

Final Considerations

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas and/or considerations in your search. As a guy, I never expected it to be so hard to find such items. Now I know why you ladies of this size have such troubles finding items in your size.

But hopefully my afternoon of research helps you as you shop for 36DD strapless bras.