If you're considering earning an extra income on the internet, or perhaps working to replace yourLaptop extra incomeCredit: 7keysebook.com existing revenue, read this list for a few thoughts.

Keep your eyes open for my future articles, in which I'll be researching each technique in a great deal more detail (and step-for-step guides, wherever possible)!

  1. Design t-shirts. Come up with a superb design / witty wording / anything that could look good on a tee. There are a lot of companies that can produce the t-shirts for you when you give them the design. Then sell them and make a superb income for yourself!
  2. Design a seal. This is a good "little-known" secret… A lot of people are happy to pay a lot of money to get a seal on their site. They believe that it provides their site trustworthiness, importance, etc. So set-up a website, create a seal, create rules for people to follow to be eligible for the seal, then charge them $100-$500 to use the seal on their webpage.
  3. Design clip art and icons. Design some clip art and icons and either sell them individually or offer them as a bundle.
  4. Create MySpace backgrounds. There's a nice income to be made from developing and promoting MySpace backgrounds. Give out several free, along with your advertising on (for marketing), and then sell the rest.
  5. Edit photos for other people. There are several of websites and software around, to edit photographs with.  offer to restore old photographs or place a few cute borders around them, etc., in return for a fee.
  6. Submit webpages or discussion boards to social bookmarking services. Tons of people want to promote their webpages and discussion boards, but don't prefer to do it. You could promote their webpages on their behalf by submitting their URLs to social bookmarking services, such as StumpleUpon and Digg.
  7. Be paid to browse cyberspace. This method doesn't pay a great deal, but if you have some spare time available, give this a go.
  8. Get free samples. Okay, so you won't get free dollar samples, but it's always great to get something for free. There certainly are a lot of websites giving out free samples!
  9. Enter contests. Why don't you? You've got nothing to drop! I realise, a great deal of you are probably saying, "I don't have good luck and I never win anything!" But, how do you expect to win something, if you never enter any contests?
  10. Data entry. This also does not earn much, but if you have got some time on your hands and would rather attempt to earning a few bucks, instead of procrastinating, this could be a choice.
  11. Be a virtual assistant. It is a good option to acquire some money, with no skill essential. There are a lot of people who need virtual assistants for all kinds of small jobs – such as composing a post, studying something, etc. Basically, everything and anything that might be done over the net.
  12. Get paid to search. There are search engines that pay people to use their online search engine. You can be paid in cash, vouchers, items or prizes.
  13. Begin a web-based retailer. Offer e-items (eBooks, whitepapers, etc.) or real products. You can buy wholesale or dropshipped, and then market it online for some pleasant profits.
  14. Start an affiliate site. If you do not wish to sell some products yourself, why don't you advertise another blog's products? Acquire several customers, refer each of them to the affiliate's site, and get commission  every item sold.
  15. Begin a virtual outlet. For those who don't want to sell your own items, or refer clients to an affiliate website, then you have the option to also consider starting a virtual storefront. This is a website that may be hosted by somebody else.
  16. Provide paid evaluations and be paid between $10 - $60 per website, from the site owner.
  17. Start a quality directory service. Collect a few high quality blog listings, acquire a few high-ranking blogs to link to, then sell listings to this listing service.
  18. Resell website hosting. There are a number of hosting webpages that offer reseller plans. Basically, one would rent web server space, partition it, and then resell the smaller split spaces.
  19. Host forums. Just like web hosting reselling, you could buy space on which you'll be able to host countless separate forums on. You can give the discussion boards for free, but use it for adverts also, or you can charge people a monthly fee for the use of a message board.
  20. Become a link builder. Individuals who has either just commenced a new webpage, or whose existing site continues to be very unpopular, could make use of your link building capabilities. Acquire quality websites to which you can send web links to, and charge the website owners for each web link which you get on a good site.
  21. Submit to directories. There are several of internet directories to submit sites to, but a lot of website owners do not have enough time to do it themselves. A great deal of site owners will bear the cost of a professional to do it on their behalf.
  22. Become a consultant. All you have to do is research and evaluate a webpage, maybe do a survey on the site and recommend improvements and changes to the webpage owner, which may improve their online search engine search results. Compose this altogether in a top-notch report, and you may charge anywhere from $500 - $3000 for it.
  23. Evaluate software. Developers pay people to test, exam and evaluate software created by them. Just give an honest feedback, and you'll be pay.
  24. Sell merchandise via email. Think of Avon and Tupperware – in the old days, parties were actually planned and catalogs handed around and people will order the merchandise from you. Nowadays, however, it really is much easier. You will be able to just e-mail the catalog to some people, who will also send it to several of acquaintances, etc., then you've got some potential new customers, easy and quick.
  25. Mystery shopping. Organisations pay people to go shopping over at their store and "secretly" review their experience, in order for the company to can analyze what needs improvement, how well skilled their employees are, etc..
  26. Transcribe audio files. If people concentrate on podcasts, they occasionally need a transcribed version of their podcast as well. This is where you will be able to help. Just listen, type what you hear, and go get your paycheck.
  27. Help local businesses grow an online presence. Many local companies still don't have any online presence at all. Assist them by placing ads on the web, listing them on internet directories, etc.. Find clients by going door to door.
  28. Gain knowledge of Wordpress, and then offer to install plugins and upgrade it. It is genuinely quite simple to learn, but a lots of people just don't want to bother with it. You can easily charge around five bucks for each add-on you upgrade, and $20 for each add-on you set up. For just one minute's work, it is definitely worth it!
  29. Become the go-to man for implementations of a particular program. Learn the software package (and more particularly, a piece of software which could take a very long time to learn, or that other people just find too time-consuming to work with) and advertise your knowledge on the net. You could also write tutorials or create videos to teach other people some methods or guidelines about the program, or teach their staff to work with it, etc.
  30. Interview other men or women and sell the interviews. Do a web search and investigate what popular topics people are searching for. Afterwards look for a specialist on the subject, do an interview with them, and sell the interview.
  31. Become a freelance "web nerd". There are several of sites out there that needs a bit of tweaking, but the website or blog owners don't always know how to tweak it on their own. If you understand (or can learn) how to tweak websites or blogs, you can earn a handsome profit from various modest jobs.
  32. Enter logo and design competitions. If you're creative and talented with designing, send in your designs to relevant websites and you could generate some great money, if your design is better than some of the other designs sent in. This really is a great way to test which kind of designs are loved by certain clients.
  33. Design Twitter backgrounds and e-covers. This method also needs a bit of creativity because your designs need to be good enough to get others to buy an eBook or follow someone on Twitter. Though if you are creative enough, you might make a nice income with this method.
  34. Parked domains. If you've purchased a domain or two that you've not used yet, or are merely thinking of using later on only, you can make some money from the domain in the interim by parking it. Parked domains generally serve the purpose as ad and internet traffic redirection.
  35. Binary options trading. This method has been the preferred type of trading since it was started in 2008 on the Chicago Board Options Exchange in the US.
  36. Become a life coach or counselor. Lots of people feel more comfortable speaking with a advisor on the web, than talking to a counselor in person. Listen, give a bit of guidance and charge them at an hourly rate.
  37. MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). This method is where many people are advertising and marketing a specific product to consumers. You could get compensated for every service you sell, as well as for every person you recruit. This really is one of the genuine methods of passive income because it requires a great deal of work to start with, but the monthly income afterwards will not need as much regular work anymore. 

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