If you are looking at earning an extra income on the web, or maybe even trying to replace yourMake money on the internet(77301)Credit: siddhartsinha.com existing income, consider this list for a few creative ideas.

Look out for my forthcoming articles, where I will be exploring every single item in a great deal more detail (and step-for-step guides, as far as possible)!

  1. Advertise on your own website or blog. You could use Google Adsense, or maybe even insert private advertisements on your own website or blog. The more monthly traffic your website or blog obtains, the more cash you will make with the ads.
  2. Launch your own job board. What's the one item every person needs and / or wants? Money. What is the most apparent method of getting it? Find a job. Job boards are very popular on the net and might be smoothly set-up. Why not start your own job board?
  3. Refer other people to vacancies. Many companies will pay a lot of money when it comes to referring the perfect man or woman for an occupation. Develop relationships with recruiters and look on job boards for ideal candidates. Refer these candidates to the recruiters and get the cash.
  4. Your own selling/buying listing service. Think about websites such as Craigslist and eBay – you can buy other people’s items; sell your own goods; and so forth. Develop your own site and offer the same service. A word of advice though – you will have to market your webpage thoroughly to make sure you gain enough visitors. The more popular your site is, the more people will list on your webpage.
  5. Membership site in addition to premium content material. Gather some great blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, and so forth., and publish them on your webpage. One can then give some of the information out free of charge, yet offer the more "premium" content to people for a month-to-month membership fee.
  6. Sell your own goods. If there is something you're talented at making – whether it's baking, crafts, and so forth, why not produce a couple of goods and sell it on the web?
  7. Start your own online store. This really is one of the more accepted options because you don't need to buy stock beforehand, as with a real physical business. As soon as somebody buys a product, you can buy the products and arrange for it to be transported straight to your consumer.
  8. Write tutorials. If you've got comprehensive knowledge on a subject, write tutorials and / or videos to teach other people about the topic and then market it on the internet to earn an enjoyable revenue!
  9. Publish an eBook. If you like writing, or have produced enough blog posts to assemble a digital book out of it, this is for you. The great thing about an eBook is that you only could write and perfect it once, but it can be sold countless times.
  10. Design and sell a site. Acquire a domain as well as an internet hosting package, design a site, tweak it a bit, publish a number of blog posts and then sell your site or blog. Generally, most webpages sell for about 12 - 24 months' revenue.
  11. Earn money from your talent on Fiverr. At this site you can offer almost any service for five dollars. The opportunities are unlimited – some people offer to review your website and recommend improvements, a number of people produce a video of themselves dancing, with your website's URL written on them, some people design logos, some people even drive around for a week with a decal with your webpage's title on their car. What can you offer for five dollars?
  12. Supply customer care. A number of companies offer the opportunity to provide customer care from home. This basically entails taking orders from people, supplying technical support, etcetera.
  13. Begin a blog. If you have some spare time activities which you know a lot about, why don't you write about it in a blog page and monetize your blog?
  14. Participate in online paid surveys. You will find tons of webpages that pay people for participating in surveys. A few compensate in cash, some compensate in vouchers, a few pay in some samples – nevertheless in any event, you'll get rewarded.
  15. Do online activities for Amazon.com’s Mechanical Turk. This consists of small activities such as searching the Web for certain items or answering some questions and producing opinions.
  16. Be a forum moderator. Some websites pay people to moderate their forum. All you need to do is watch out for spam, swear words, etc., and get people to get themselves involved in the discussions. It's quite uncomplicated actually!
  17. Freelance – write articles for other blogs. Loads of site owners outsource the writing of their blog posts.
  18. Get paid to post in forums. Whenever a new forum has just been started and does not have a lot of visitors yet, forum owners occasionally pay others to post in their forum to give it a good launch. As soon as a forum looks as if it has active members, the number of site visitors will increase.
  19. Start your own podcast. This is actually the same as a blog, except that you don't publish words on a site – your blog will be in audio or video instead.
  20. Translate documentation and websites. If you should speak a second language, this approach is designed for you. All you have to do is translate a document, and get paid.
  21. Buy in-game real estate property on Second Life. This is definitely a favorite way of making some money on Second Life. Purchase and develop land, then sell it, and you could become a real life millionaire just like Ansche Chung.
  22. Open an in-game business on Second Life. Many people have made a lot of money from selling items in a "store" on Second Life. You can always design, make and sell just about anything you can think of!
  23. Sell domains and websites for other people. Some people have unused sites and domains – usually because they purchased it with an idea for a website that they wanted to start, but never did. Offer to sell it for them, for a price of 10% obviously.
  24. Sell stuff you do not need/want anymore on eBay.
  25. Sell other people's junk on eBay for them. A number of people would like to get rid of their junk, but are a bit too lazy to door just don't want to go through the troubles themselves. Offer to sell their stuff on eBay for 10% fee.
  26. Buy other people's junk and sell it on eBay. You can search thrift retailers and garage sales – try to find a number of low priced top quality items, buy it, then sell it for a higher selling price on eBay.
  27. Create a digital store on eBay with drop shipping. When following through with this, you'll be able to create your own website with a couple of products for prospects to contemplate. Thereafter, once they buy, the delivery company may ship it out for you, with your name on it. That's the beauty of these products – you don't ever need to really have stock!
  28. Take and sell stock photos. Do you like taking pictures as a hobby? Then why not sell them on the web?
  29. Flip sites and/or domains. There are a few webpages advertising other websites that are for sale. Look out for a few good bargains, buy them, then sell them for a higher selling price.
  30. Buy profit-making websites and keep them. Look out for some good websites, buy them and keep them. Look specifically for webpages that generate regular monthly revenue.
  31. PPC Arbitrage – Design a website with adverts as well as affiliate products. Use keywords that are popular. Try to find some low-cost but good manners in which you can get internet traffic and watch your earnings grow.
  32. Become a day trader.
  33. Be a guest writer. Lots of people pay somewhere between $30 - $500 for good blog posts and articles to post on their blog. The better your article is, and the more unique your article or blog post is, the more you will get compensated.
  34. Convert e-currency. A lot of people have eBay vouchers, eGold money, etc., which they want to convert into PayPal money. Propose this service for 10% commission.
  35. Design logos. A lot of organizations still need a good logo but also doesn't intend to pay hundreds of dollars for professionals to design it for them, and think that they can't create a good logo themselves. Offer this service for a fee.
  36. Design webpages. After a website or blog has been set-up, it still needs some designs to make it look more specialized and pleasant. Should you be imaginative enough, you could design people's sites for a fee.
  37. Design adverts. When designing websites, you could also offer to design ads as well for an extra fee.
  38. Draw cartoons. Should you be creative and like drawing, then draw cartoons and sell them to sites.

Keep your eyes open for my next article, where I'll be studying 37 alternative ideas to produce an extra revenue on the web!