About Photofunia

Photofunia is a site wherein you can upload, edit and create many effects to your photos. There are a lot of photo effects in Photofunia that you can choose from.  If you love taking pictures and posting it in Facebook or any other social media sites, this site is the right one for you. 

Photofunia is easy to use. Even someone who does not know any photo editing software can easily add a spark on their photos. Make your photos special using Photofunia’s various photo effects.

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Is Photofunia Free?

Yes, Photofunia is free to use.  You can download and save your pictures in three ways. Large is the best quality that is suitable for printing. Regular is for web and e-mail and the Userpic size is 100x100. You can also share it with your friends in Facebook and other social site or send it as postcard. 

18 Categories of Photofunia

The 18 category effects in Photofunia are:

1.) Lab. In Lab category, you can create 50 effects on your pictures.  You can create your own personalized calendar, a wooden sign or badges wherein you can put your own text on it. You can put your picture in a $100 bill and you can create a puzzle using your own picture. You can also be an Animé, clown and alien.  If you’re thin and you want to look fat choose this category. The top 5 popular effects are Football Fan, Tree Craving, Soup Letters, Foggy Window Writing and Diptych.

2.) Filters. In Filters category, you can create 30 effects on your pictures. You can add shadows, age your photo or render it black and white.  The top five popular effects are Deep Forest, Winter Spirit, The Last Warm Day, Indian Summer and Cool Wind.

3.) Cards. In Cards category, you can create 5 effects on your pictures.  The most popular one is the French Postcard.

4.) Posters. There are 60 photo effects in this category. You can see your posters in theatre, café, billboard, brickwall, wanted poster, shopping center, music shop, perfume shop, etc.  The top 5 popular effects are Football Fan, Tree Craving, Soup Letters and Foggy Window writing.

5.) Galleries. You can choose 22 photo effects in different kinds of galleries. The 3 most popular one is the London gallery, large painting and modern art exhibition.

6.) Photography. There are 27 photo effects to choose from

7.) Faces. With 77 photo effects to choose from you can be a mermaid, football fan, woman pilot, vampire, zombie, angel, santa. DJ, gambler, etc.  

8.) Billboards. You want to see your picture on Advertising Billboards of Times Square? In Billboards category of Photofunia, you can put your picture in many Advertising Billboards. The top 5 most popular billboards use are Galleries Lafayette, City Centre, New World, Taxis on Times Square and Midnight Billboard.    

9.) Celebrities. You can be a celebrity, a partner of one of the celebrity or be in a picture of one of the things that a celebrity is holding.

10.) Frames. You can choose from various of frames to include in your picture.

11.) Drawing. Select a sketch, portrait, caricature, water color effect, etc on your pictures.

12.) Vintage. There are 33 photo effects to choose from. The most popular are brooches, quill, golden valentine and memories of Paris.

13.) Misc.  There are so many beautiful effects that you can choose from in this category such as cappuccino, making tattoo, Easter egg, fat maker, photo booth, photo wall, Lego, jigsaw puzzle, etc.  

14.) Magazines. If you want to see your picture on the cover of a magazine or you want to see it inside a magazine, choose this category.

15.) Professions. Choose from 22 professions that are available in this category.

16.) Movies. Put your photo in a poster of a movie or choose a character in a movie.

17.) TV. See yourself inside a TV.

18.) Books. I created an Art Book effect on the two pictures of my sister and she really loves it. 

Sample Pictures with Photo Effect


Credit: http://photofunia.com/img/script_images/541/preview.jpg


morning news

morning news
Credit: http://photofunia.com/img/script_images/490/preview.jpg

Art Book

Art Book
Credit: http://photofunia.com/img/script_images/594/preview.jpg


Credit: http://photofunia.com/img/script_images/143/preview_new.jpg

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore
Credit: http://photofunia.com/img/script_images/148/preview.jpg


Photofunia is really an amazing site wherein you can do many tricks on your photos. People who love to take pictures and love to post photos on Facebook will really enjoy this site. If you are worried about your privacy, don’t worry all pictures uploaded are automatically deleted and are never shared to anyone.