The all new 3AW App

Finlay 3AW Melbourne have produced a 3AW app for both Apple devices and Android devices.  For those of us who love listening to 3AW it is a great additional way for we can enjoy our favorite radio station.  3AW 693 has recently begun advertising the new application on it's website and on air to let listeners know that it is available for download. 

I have downloaded the 3AW App and was pleased to see that it is more than just a way to listen to their broadcasts as there are alredy many ways we can do this using other radio apps.  This app however, is interactive and allows listeners to call through to the talk back station at the touch of a button.  It also allows us to easily send through an email; meaning we can stay involved in the days discussions without having to go to our computers or fumble through our phones to dial in.  These two features come in the form of a large green button and a large blue button located at the bottom of the screen.  The green button is labeled 'CALL 3AW 693' and the blue button is labelled 'EMAIL 3AW 693'.  

There more to the 3AW app. You can check the program guide which will tell your who is presenting and at what time and on which day of the week. Most of the 3AW Application's home page is taken up by the latest news stories which are continually scrolling through in thumbnail form and a thumbnail of who is on air now and who will be on next (this is also scrolling).  There is a separate news tab where you can see all the latest news of the day and as a really cool feature, you can submit your own report which really fit's in with 3AW's mantra that we are the reporters out there in and around Melbourne.

Even more features of the 3AW App

It doesn't stop there!  Under the 'More' tab you will also find that you can use the app as an alarm clock and wake up to 3AW or you could set it for the time that your favorite shows come on.  If you missed the news, you can simply listen to the latest news bulletins using the hourly news feature.  You can even make audio recordings and get weather updates.

In my opinion the 3AW iPhone app/3AW Android app is ideal for those who love to listen to 3AW on the go and also want to contribute.  It has provided listeners with more than just a way to listen to their favorite radio station but has also given them a great way to get involved, whether it's to give their own opinions or to report serious incidents around Melbourne.  I think the net result will be more timely feedback and reports from the general public and faster notifications of whats happening around town.  I would love to see them add an interactive traffic report feature as this is something listeners already find of great value.

If you are looking for the 3AW android or iPhone app go to their website here where you can download it for free today.