If you are reading this article, first and foremost prerequisite is to book an air ticket for this weekend now!

Having a 3D2N Taipei trip is all about spontaneous fun. The sudden decision of flying to a foreign land in the next couple of days and doing a string of activities which you can't do in your own country will excite you. Though your time is limited, what really counts is the quality (activities) of the trip.


FRIDAY Afternoon - Leaving for Taipei

You will have to take a half day off (if you are working 9-5 job) for flying time.                            Tip: Catch some sleep and reserve energy for a late night.

FRIDAY Night after 11pm - Spark/Barcode/Room 18

Hit the clubs. With your nap on the plane, dancing your way till 4am will never be a problem! You can take a train to TAIPEI CITY HALL STATION and the above 3 clubs are all within walking distance from each other. Spark attracts an english speaking crowd while it is a local crowd for the other 2 clubs. Voila! Maximum fun minimum time needed. 

Tip: Stay at hotels with brightly lit roads, this is safer if you are a female traveller. I would recommend SWIIO in Ximending - cheap & new & clean.

SATURDAY Morning after 1030am - Leaving for Jiufen

Jiufen is famous for its scenic views, sweet taro balls and teahouse. Travelling to Jiufen from Ximending takes around 1.25hr. You can take a railway train stopping at Ruifang station from TAIPEI MAIN UNDERGROUND STATION --> change to bus NT15 (15min ride). 

Not to miss: Aunty Ah Gan Sweet Taro Ball & Ah Mei Teahouse

SATURDAY Late Afternoon after 4pm - Rouhe Night Market/Shilin Night Market

Both night markets are well-known for their variety of street foods and shopping! Visit them as the sky turns dark as you can fill your stomach (as dinner) as you shop for your favourite pair of shoes. Going to Shilin: Take a train to JIANTAN STATION. Going Rouhe: Take a train to SONGSHAN STATION.

Fried Milk in Shilin Night Market

Food at Shilin Night Market

SATURDAY Night after 11pm - Luxy

One of the highlight of the trip! Luxy is an icon in Taipai clubbing scene, famous for their luxy girl crew. The crew is so popular (mostly among guys) that they have been travelling overseas for performance in the clubs too. Well, same coined term, but different mind-blowing clubbing experience.

SUNDAY Noon - Kanpai Yakiniku Restaurant

Must eat! Kanpai is not just a food joint serving fantastic grilled meat, it is a wacky hangout place too. You will know what I mean once you have entered the restaurant. The walls are plastered with polarids of couples (all kinds of couples) kissing mouth -to-mouth. You and your friend can ask to play the kissing game whereby both of you will have to kiss for 10 seconds, your group will be entitled to a plate of pork  for FREE!

SUNDAY Afternoon - Onzen @ Xin Beitou

Blessed with natural hotspring and combining element from japanese culture, many onzen resorts spring out in Xin Beitou/Beitou area.  There are public onzen, private onzen room and private onzen al-fresco style available in Xin Beitou's onzen resorts. My personal choice will be a private onzen the al-fresco way and the popular choice in my research is Asia Pacific Resort.  Good way to end the trip by soaking in the hotspring to clear your head (from all the alcohols) and sooth your feet (from all the walking).

Xin Beitou

Xin Beitou

SUNDAY Night - Leaving for Home

Remember to sleep on the plane so that you are recharged for work the next day!

Happy Holidaying!