The rise in technology has made way to the creation of 3Ds in terms of films and TV programs. Producers of films even go to having their movies made to 3D to attract more viewers and allow them to be more engaged in the film like never before. However, who would have thought of 3D audios that will just add to the experience of watching a movie.

I was listening to my iPod shuffle with all the music I love to hear. Today, most people have these small gadgets and even mp3 players that give you music wherever you are and whatever you do. Truly, the interests of people in music gave rise to these handy devices. Suddenly, I thought of the DVD component we had years ago when these mp3 players were not still here. My parents are still using it because they don’t have these mp3 players that the younger generations have.

I placed on the CD of the artist I have on my iPod and played the same song I was listening to. Not to my surprise, the large music player sounded far better than my mini music player. Well, this shows that the larger or the more intense the sound is, the better the connection with the person who is listening to it.

Since iPods and mp3 player files are small, they need compressed file sizes to make more sounds be stored in a small, single device. This allows for distortion of the real music that you hear from CDs and DVDs. In fact, most of the details of the sounds are even removed or distorted to make the file size smaller. If music can be reduced in quality, then there could be some ways to improve the sound experience that you get.

I suddenly thought of a 3D audio that could be invented to make sounds seem to be very close to your ears and make you feel that you’re a part of the scenario or something. Truly, 3D movies have increased the experience of many while watching movies since people and things appear to be in front of you in real time. However, some don’t just appreciate 3D movies because of the need to wear 3D glasses for you to see the 3D effects. But then again, will movie experience be far better with improved audio system? The answer may be yes.

Imagine watching a movie hearing sounds that are intense and powerful. This allows you to be indulged in the movie right? In constant search for a 3D audio, I came to see a research on the improvement of sound files to make it better. Those who are working on it described this new audio system as one that provides sounds in geometry rather than in frequencies. This means that there is a multidirectional source of the music as you listen to it.

The fast improvement in technology makes this vision of mine in 3D audio as realistic because IT developers may just be in the process of developing this kind of sound.