With 3d engraving you can have just about any image you could want, engraved on just about any type of material you can name. 3d engraving can be used to create awards, company logos, ID badges, and promotional products to name a few.

With 3d engraving you can create unique personal gifts for the hard to please. Imagine having an old wedding photo turned into to a priceless piece of art by having it engraved onto a plaque for someones wedding anniversary.

Laser engraving is done with light. This is an improvement over the other types of engraving that involved tools, such as bits, that would wear out and need to be replaced. A laser engraving machine uses a computer as a controller to get the image onto the surface of the material being engraved. The light beam usually moves over the surface of the object removing tiny particles by vaporizing them to create the image. This means that a good ventilation system is a must when you are engraving. Heat is a by product of the engraving. One way to combat the problem that the heat can cause is by using pulses instead of a steady beam. This allows the product being engraved to cool down between pulses. Another way is by using cooling systems.

3d engraving is taking the place of the old style of engraving. With the help of computer art programs just about any type of an image can be created. The materials that can be engraved are many now. Metal, stone, wood, paper, and plastics can be used to create a one of a kind engraving. Or you can have multiple items engraved for your business.

Creating custom glass ware for restaurants, engraving flatware, business plaques. Promotional pen sets for gifts. Trophies and awards. Ornaments to be given as gifts. One of a kind art works. All this is now possible thanks to the growth the computer industry and the development of the laser.

Many people are having jewelry engraved as well. Not only does this add a personal touch to the jewelry, but it case it is ever stolen, it makes it easier to be identified and returned to the owner.

3d engraving is even making its way into the furniture making business. With this engraving technique you can turn an ordinary piece into to a work of art. 3d engraving can be used to give your home or business a memorable look.