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What is Stereoscopy?

Stereoscopy or 3-D imaging means a technique which creates the illusion of depth in an image by showing 2 almost similar images to the left and right eye of the viewer. These 2D images are converted to a single image by human brain to generate 3-D depth.

In simple words we can say that the 3D which we are talking about is not the real 3D as nothing actually comes out from screen. It can be considered as Virtual.

The Principle behind 3D Stereoscopy

Finger-Face experiment!!!!!!!!

Hold your finger 12inch far from your eye and watch it with left eye keeping right eye closed then with Right eye keeping left eye closed.


Surprised to find your finger getting displaced from its location?????

Why this happens?

It happens because we have 2 eyes which have 2 different views from 2 different angles and this is why we are seeing 2 different images of our finger which are displaced by a small distance.

Why then we see a single finger when we keep both our eyes open?????

It’s the human Brain which combines 2 images which are almost similar but displaced a bit, into a single image causing us to see only 1 finger from 2 eyes.

The same Principle works behind 3d

If we see 2 different 2D images which are almost similar but slightly displaced from each other from 2 of our eyes, our brain will create an Illusion of depth or The 3rd Dimension

3D Camera

The camera may be Video or Still but it must have 2 lens which are at a distance, our 2 eyes are. This is to record the same image from 2 different angles. These 2 different images will be later combined to make the 3D illusion

Each of the 2 videos is made from a collection of frames. While Combining the 2 videos in 1 file. 1-1 frame is take from each of the videos. This is similar to shuffling of playing cards

While viewing a 3D video, we normally require special type of glasses on our eyes, which help in filtering the video by allowing the image of left frame to enter left eye and image of right frame to enter right eye.

What is 3D FULL HD?

A Device which is capable of showing a 3D video in High Definition i.e. 1920*1080 resolution. For a video it means a video that is in 3D and shot in HD.

Types of presentation of 3D

Side by Side or SBS 3D

The final video produced is something like the one shown in image.

The frames of 2 cameras are kept side by side giving an actual resolution of (1920/2) 960*1080, due to horizontal stretch.

Top Down 3D

The final video produced is something like the one shown in image.

The frames of 2 cameras are kept one below the other giving an actual resolution of 1920*540(1080/2), due to vertical stretch.

How to present 3D FULL HD?

3D Full HD needs both the left and right videos to be in a resolution of 1920*1080. This consumes very High Space and can be stored in a dual layer Blu ray 3D disk of 50GB.

Blu ray 3D movies cost around Rs1500-Rs 1800 in India.

3D Viewers at Home


Liquid crystal shutter glasses or LC shutter glasses


Linearly polarized glasses

Anaglyph 3D

3D illusion is created by giving 2 different colored images to 2 different eyes the most common example is of RED CYAN glasses.

2D to 3D Conversion

Movies can be converted from 2D to 3D but they don’t show much effect of things coming out from the window this is because a movie planned to be shot in 3D is given special scenes in which objects are brought closer to the camera. Such objects appear to come out of the screen when viewed in 3D.

These effects can be seen in movies like Avatar, Resident Evil After Life, Final Destination 4 & 5.

Where as movies Like Ra.One which are converted to 3D after production don’t show much of the 3D effects.

A "stereographer" is professional in the field of stereoscopy and visual effects using the art and techniques of stereo photography, 3D photography, or stereoscopic 3D film to create a visual perception of a 3-dimentional image from a flat surface.

3D Movies of 2012

  1. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.
  2. Titanic 3D
  3. Men In Black III
  4. Step up 4Ever
  5. Halloween 3D
  6. The Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn
  7. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Concluding with 4D Movies

Nothing to do with the Time Dimension.

4D means 3D movie with physical effects


  1. Smoke
  2. Rain
  3. Chair Vibration
  4. Fragrance
  5. Wind Blowing
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