3D Ultrasound


It was great to get a glimpse of my baby

The staff was nice

I got to find out the sex


It was over too quickly

I only got 12 pictures

Full Review

I recently went to a local place that offered 3D ultrasounds. I was very excited because this is my first pregnancy and I have always been amazed when I look at other people's 3D ultrasounds. The place I found was reasonably priced. I got a 15 minute session for $85, which included some prints and a cd of some digital pictures.

The ultrasound tech was very friendly. She made me feel welcome and comfortable. I was 16 weeks along when I went and she was patient enough to find out that I am having a little boy (this was confirmed again at 20 weeks).

I got to see the baby move for 15 minutes, and it was wonderful. She pointed out different body parts and he was being very active. You could see everything so clearly. Then she printed off some pictures for me to take home. However, out of the 15 minutes I was there, she only managed to take 12 pictures for me. I also got the same pictures on a cd. I felt like I should have been offered at least twice as many pictures.

In Closing

I will definitely be getting another 3D ultrasound, and I would recommend it to any pregnant woman. There is no greater feeling than being able to see your baby's facial features while he or she is still inside of you growing. It makes the whole pregnancy seem real.